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Young-Moo Shin

Young-Moo Shin

  • Firm: Shin & Park
  • Practice Area: Corporate Finance
  • Country: Korea (South)
  • 8/F, KT&G Tower, 416 Yeongdong-daero Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

About Young-Moo Shin

Dr. Young-Moo Shin is Managing Partner of Shin & Park, a law firm based in Korea specializing in finance, securities, corporate, and dispute resolution, among others. One of the leading finance, corporate, and securities lawyers in Korea, he founded the law firm of Shin & Kim some 30 years ago. Following his recent retirement from Shin & Kim, Dr. Shin launched Citizens Coalition for Social Justice, a non-governmental organization devoted to addressing governance, rule of law, and anti-corruption issues. Among his many achievements, Dr. Shin is Chairman of the Seoul International Dispute Resolution Center, a past President of the Korean Bar Association, and the immediate past President of the Inter-Pacific Bar Association.
In 2014, Dr. Shin has been conferred the Order of National Service Merit, known as the Mugunghwa Medal, for his dedication to promoting the rule of law and advancing the Korean legal sector as a whole. Mugunghwa Medal is the highest honor awarded by the government to citizens.
As the first Korean to study and practice securities law and regulations, Dr. Shin has represented numerous multinational corporations in various international transactions, including cross-border investments, M&A, fair trade, introduction of technology, recapitalisation and restructuring, and other financial transactions. Dr. Shin has also represented major Korean companies on corporate governance issues and participated in the Corporate Governance Reform Project of the Korean Government, sponsored by the World Bank, following the 1997 Asian financial crisis. In recent years, Dr. Shin has focused on reviewing and proposing legislation for enactment and amendment of various laws, among others.
He has also served on a number of public and private boards and commissions, including the Prime Ministerial Policy Advisory Committee, the Fair Trade Commission, the Financial Development Advisory Committee, the Korean Arbitrators’ Association, the Steering Committee on the Development of Futures and Options Market, the Insurance Inspection Commission, Hyundai Motor Co., Ltd., DongA One Co., KT&G, Hanil Bank, Samsung Dream Scholarship Foundation, Samsung Press Foundation, Ilshin Spinning, and LG Foundation.
Dr. Shin received bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Law from Seoul National University and a LL.M and J.S.D. from Yale Law School. He is a member of Korean and New York Bars.
Practice Areas
Finance, Securities, Corporate, International Arbitration, Legislative
1967 – Seoul National University, College of Law (LL.B.)
1970 – Seoul National University, College of Law (LL.M.)
1976.5 – Yale University Law School (LL.M.)
1978.5 – Yale University Law School (J.S.D.)
Professional Activities
1968 – Passed the 9th National Bar Examination
1970 – Admitted to the Korean Bar
1970-1973 – Judge Advocate, the Korean Army
1973-1975 – Judge, Daejeon & Hongsung District Courts
1973-1975 – Lecturer, Choongnam National University Law School
1975.7-1978.4 – Receipient of U.S. State Department Fulbright Scholarship
1978.1-1978.4 – Intern, the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission
1978.5-1978.7 – Intern, AMEX, New York, NY.
1978.8-1980.10 – Foreign Associate, Coudert Brothers LLP, New York, NY.
1980.5 – Admitted to the New York Bar
1981.4-2010.12 – Founding & Managing Partner, Shin & Kim
1989.4-1998.3 – Commissioner, the Insurance Inspection Committee
1993.5-1998.8 – Member, the Financial Development Advisory Committee
1994.3-1994.12 – Member, the Prime Ministerial Committee on the Globalization of Korea
1994.10-1997.10 – Non-Standing Commissioner, the Fair Trade Commission
1995.11-2005 – Co-Chair and Coordinator, the Asia Markets Subcommittee, Committee Q5, the International Bar Association
1997-Present – Council Member, the Inter-Pacific Bar Association
1998-1999 – Chairman, the Financial Institutions and Transactions Committee, the Inter-Pacific Bar Association
1999-2001 – Chairman, the Membership Committee, the Inter-Pacific Bar Association
1999.6-2005.5 – Vice-President, Korean Arbitrators Association
1997-2000 – Member, the Steering Committee on the Development of Futures and Options Market
1999.9-2000 – Member, Prime Ministerial Policy Advisory Committee
2004.10-Present – Member, US-Korea Business Council
2006.5-2010 – Jurisdictional Council Member, the Inter-Pacific Bar Association
2006-2008.6 – Chairman, National Police Agency Advisory Committee on Assembly
2009.3-2010 – Director, Korean Bar Association Training Center
2010.12-2011 – Adjunct Professor, Law School of Seoul National University
2010.12-2013.8 – Senior Advisor, Shin & Kim
2011.3-2013.2 – President, the Korean Bar Association
2011-2013 – Vice President and President-Elect, the Inter-Pacific Bar Association
2011.8 –  Advisory Counsel, the Constitutional Court of Korea
2011.8 – Advisor, Presidential Advisory Committee for Unification
2011.10 – Organized LAWASIA Annual Conference in Seoul, Korea
2012-Present – Council Member, the International Bar Association
2012.4-2014.5 – President, Seoul National University, College of Law Alumni Association
2013.4-2015.9 – Chairman, Seoul International Dispute Resolution Center
2013.4-2014.5 – President, the Inter-Pacific Bar Association
2014.1-Present – Managing Partner, Shin & Park
2014.4-Present – Standing Representative, Citizens Coalition for Social Justice
Insider Trading and Civil Liability (Study of Commercial Law Vol. 8, 1990);
Liability of Compensation for Damage under the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods and Its Limits (Study of Commercial Law Vol. 7, 1989);
Trends in Insider Trading – Focused on U.S. Law (Seoul Bar Association,1988);
Summary of U.S. Trade Policy and Trade-related Laws (1988);
Review on Industrial Damage under the Trade-related Laws in the U.S. (1988);
Ways to Widen the Boundary of Functions in Out-Of-Court-Activities (Korea Bar Association, 1988);
Supplementation of Applicable Legal System in Preparation for Capital Liberalization (Korea Listed Companies Association, 1988 Spring Edition, 1987);
Securities Regulations in Korea (The Seoul National University Press, 1987);
Securities Regulations in Korea (The University of Washington Press and the Seoul National University Press, 1983);
Regulation of Take-over Bids (Business Law in Korea ed. Chan-Jin Kim, 1982);
Regulations of Disclosure and Insider Trading in Korea: A Comparative Analysis (Korean Journal of Comparative Law, 1981);
and Regulations of Proxy Solicitation in Korea (1979)
Korean; English; Japanese

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