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Washington D.C

  • Firm: Marashlian & Donahue, LLC
  • Practice Area: Telecoms
  • Country: District of Columbia, USA
  • 1420 Spring Hill Road, Suite 401, McLean, Virginia, 22102.

About Washington D.C

Marashlian & Donahue, LLC, The CommLaw Group, is not your ordinary law firm.  Together with The Commpliance Group, its affiliated consultancy, The CommLaw Group is a professional services “organization” that was specially designed and staffed to service the full-range of legal, consulting and compliance needs of the communications, information technology and Internet services industries. Boasting a vibrant and diverse telecom law practice, The CommLaw Group currently serves hundreds of clients throughout the U.S. and internationally.  The firm’s loyal base includes clients of all shapes and sizes, from start-ups to Fortune 100 enterprises, and from practically every sector of the communications and info tech industries.

In 2005, anticipating the seismic shift in the market for effective, yet affordable legal services, the firm set out to engineer its one-of-a-kind, “Full Spectrum” professional services business model.  The ground-breaking processes developed by the firm enable it to provide value-driven, high-quality professional services that deliver business-savvy solutions for reasonable, predictable, task appropriate costs; all provided with the customer-friendly approach that has become the firms’ hallmark characteristic.

Our professional services rates, flexible billing arrangements, and compensation system are all structured to promote stability and accommodate growth. We work hard to avoid sticker shock through proactive and candid communications with our clients and by ensuring our clients’ objectives are properly aligned with their budgetary expectations, and vice versa, prior to embarking on projects.  And in a world in which “customer service” is considered a relic, we turn back the clock by pushing our attorneys and consulting professionals to continually expand and deepen not only their professional services skills, but their client servicing skills, as well.  Though most of our clients are corporations, we still treat our clients like human beings from the very top of your organization on down. Like our peers, our goal is to provide our clients with the most effective representation possible, but unlike many of our inside the Beltway and big city peers, we provide effective representation without either the wasteful overhead or the unrealistic billable hours requirements typical of our larger competitors.  Our unique combination of down to earth professionalism, common sense business-savvy advice, and prudent use of resources has earned us high praise and a reputation for excellence among our loyal clients.

Our firm shares the entrepreneurial spirit that drives many of our clients’ endeavors, both here in the United States and overseas. In recognition of the global nature of communications technologies and the ever-expanding information society we now live in, our firm offers a truly unique law firm experience in order to represent and satisfy the diverse needs of our clients.

The CommLaw Group is led by its founder and managing partner, Jonathan S. Marashlian, an AV Preeminent Peer Rated attorney and nationally-recognized expert in the areas of communications taxes, regulatory fees, regulatory litigation, audits and defense. Mr. Marashlian was awarded two 2013 Client Choice Awards by Lexology / International Law Office; named overall winner in the Telecommunications Law – USA category.  The CommLaw Group is recognized as the “Leading Customer Service Law Firm of the Year” by ACQ Global Awards and “Best Communications Law Firm in the U.S.” by ACQ Law Awards.

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