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Vasil Pavlov

Vasil Pavlov

  • Firm: Pavlov & Co
  • Practice Area: Intellectual Property
  • Country: Bulgaria
  • 55 Aleksandar Stamboliyski Blvd., fl.3, office 5, Sofia, Bulgaria, 1000.

About Vasil Pavlov

Vasil Pavlov is a Bulgarian attorney at law, patent and trademark attorney with near 15 years of experience in intellectual property protection. He is also a pioneer in global data privacy, protection and compliance in the context of the rapidly changing technological landscape.
The vast legal practice of Vasil through the years covers a wide range of areas – copyright consultations, including contract development and negotiations; consultations in relation to patents, trademarks, geographical indications and design protection, including representation before the Bulgarian Patent Office and the European Union Intellectual Property Office in registration and opposition procedures and representation before the Court and Customs authorities for enforcement of rights for both national and international clients.
In 2003 Vasil was one of the first lawyers in Bulgaria to implement Customs Border Measures procedure in his practice for the protection of the rights of major world brands and today he represents various foreign and local trademark owners in respect to Border Measures. In 2009 he successfully won the first for Bulgaria court case for Data Exclusivity infringement where he represented a local division of large international pharmaceutical company.
With more than 200 court cases and more than 250 procedures before the Patent Office against decisions of the office or for enforcement of administrative liability of intellectual property infringers in his career, Vasil ranks up among the top litigators in Bulgaria.
In the recent years he is devoted in solving complex trademark and patent issues combining knowledge from different areas of IP.
In 2014 he was Top ranked by Chambers Europe, an independent research edition of legal practitioners, as a leading Bulgarian lawyer in the field of Intellectual Property, noted for “breadth of his knowledge and responsiveness”.
In 2015 he became the first Bulgarian practitioner awarded with the prestigious Client Choice Award in the area of Intellectual Property, award which was given to him in 2016 for a second time and in 2017 for third time.
In 2020 he became the first and only Bulgarian practitioner listed in WTR Global Leaders publication that brings together the world’s foremost law firm and corporate trademark experts.   
“He continues to command great respect among interviewees, with sources hailing him as a “standout” practitioner and “one of the most notable IP lawyers in Bulgaria.”
Chambers Europe 2017
“One of the best IP litigators in the country”, “He is a very smart and sharp professional, who does his homework perfectly”
WTR 1000 2017
“Extremely active and energetic” , “Devoted to his clients.”, “Always giving us sound advice.”
Chambers Europe 2016
“You always notice how sharp he is.”
“He is seasoned in every aspect of trademark law, he’s precise and he acts immediately as required.”
WTR 1000 2016
“A prominent strategic thinker”, “A brilliantly creative lawyer”
Chambers Europe 2015
“Vasil has an exceptional ability to understand and solve complex trademark issues.”
“He is not afraid to stand up and defend new and unorthodox thesis that differ from the usual course of action however he always puts the client’s interests first and would not jeopardize them in any way.”
“Vasil has proven to be ready to tread uncharted waters and think outside the box, even in the somewhat conservative field of intellectual property.”
Clients Choice 2015
“His experience in trademarks abounds and he is very well established in the market. He is incredibly competent in every aspect of trademark law and is precise and fast. His dispute resolution style can temper any unpleasantness in the situation, remaining calm but acting immediately and as required. He is far superior to any other lawyer we have encountered.”
WTR 1000 2015
“His advice has been invaluable; he can provide an informed response immediately so that I can make a decision.”
Chambers Europe 2014
Pavlov & Co
Pavlov & Co is a boutique law firm specialized mainly in intellectual property protection. Within this field the team of professionals covers the whole process from intellectual property rights acquisition to enforcement, litigation and intellectual property valuation services. Pavlov & Co provides consultations for the enforcement of the national and EU legal provisions and representation before the Bulgarian Patent Office, Bulgarian Customs authorities, Bulgarian Courts in civil and criminal cases related to intellectual property protection and also representation before the European Union Intellectual Property Office, the European Court, the World Intellectual Property Organization in registration and enforcement procedures outside Bulgaria.
A significant part of the team members’ experience known in the sector is also the successful court representation in various issues, including infringement cases and appeal of administrative decisions.
The team of professionals at Pavlov & Co has more than 15 years of extensive experience in the field of intellectual property protection which they continue to develop further establishing the firm in 2012. Only few years after its establishment the firm gains respect among competitors in the field and is also recognized by clients and independent research editions.
There are three partners in the firm, three of them being qualified trademark attorneys and two – qualified patent attorneys.
Pavlov & Co has experience with clients in various industry sectors – food and beverages, fashion and apparel industry, pharmaceutical sector, entertainment industry.
Some of the main companies/organisations in their client’s portfolio are companies in the fashion and apparel industry where there are a lot of counterfeit cases to deal with on the market. For such clients they offer an integral strategy from border measures implementation for preventing the import of counterfeit goods to high level professional investigation for actions against detected cases of infringement.
Another important sector is also the food and beverages industry where the most challenges they face and give advice for are in competition issues among companies in the sector. This is an industry where there are many trademarks in one and the same sector and there are a lot of opportunities for imitation and attempts for registration of similar trademarks. Further, in this sector they also have experience in negotiations in trademark registration conflicts or infringement cases. Pavlov & Co has extensive experience in the last years for negotiations and reaching out-of-court agreements between competitors which is a beneficial and cost effective strategy for both parties in the conflict

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