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Rafał Królikowski

Rafał Królikowski

  • Firm: Kancelaria Prawna Rafał Królikowski, Rechtsanwalt
  • Practice Area: International Economic
  • Country: Poland
  • ul. 27 Grudnia 9/8, 61-737 Poznań

About Rafał Królikowski

Admitted to bar in Poland as a registered foreign lawyer
(professional rights equal to a Polish solicitor – radca prawny, including the full right to plea before Polish courts)
I offer legal advice in three languages (Polish, German and English) in two jurisdictions (Poland and Germany).
Both acting for multinational stock companies, middle-sized enterprises, family businesses and private individuals. I strive to treat each Client with the same respect and attention to his or hers case.
I have pleaded before Polish and German courts of all tiers, including in precedent cases before the Polish Supreme Court. For example, due to a cassation appeal prepared by me, it is easier for business people to exclude from a commercial partnership a partner, who is in conflict with the other partners and whose conduct may interrupt the partnership’s business.
I have advised on multimillion transactions and investments, including cross-border transactions. I also have experience in civil, employment, criminal and family cases, which are not less – but sometimes even more – important.
My professional focus is Polish and German civil, contracts and commercial law, company law, international trade, real estate law, administrative and environmental law, labour law as well as civil procedure and court disputes.
I have previously worked for reputable law firms in Warsaw, Düsseldorf and Cologne, both established local and international firms.
I have studied law at the University of Cologne and University of Warsaw. I have completed the judicial preparatory service with the Circuit Court of Cologne (Landgericht Köln).
Since 2014 I’m an attorney (Rechtsanwalt) admitted to the Bar in Germany. I’m member of the Bar Chambers of Cologne (Rechtsanwaltskammer Köln). Since 2015 I’m also admitted to the Bar in Poland in the same scope as a Polish solicitor (radca prawny), including the full right to plea before Polish courts. I’m also certified by the Bar Chambers of Cologne as a Fachanwalt für internationals Wirtschaftsrecht, that is specialist attorney for international commercial law. This title is granted to only few attorneys, who due to their broad professional experience, scope and amount of handled court cases can be considered experts in this area.

Q&A With Rafał Królikowski


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