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Kuo-Hua Fan

Kuo-Hua Fan

  • Firm: Zoomlaw, Attorneys-at-Law
  • Practice Area: Full Service
  • Country: Taiwan
  • 5F-4, No.171, Songde Rd., Xinyi Dist, Taipei City 110, Taiwan

About Kuo-Hua Fan

Zoomlaw Attorneys-At-Law is a Taiwan based full-service law firm, established in 2006 by Dr. Kuo-Hua Fan, who was the former Chief Legal Officer of a prominent Taiwanese motherboard manufacturer, one of Taiwan’s Top 20 Global Brands. Fan built and led the full-functional legal team of the Top Brand to safeguard its global interests.

Dr. Fan specializes in corporate legal affairs and risk management for global groups regarding international trading, investment, business operation, global IP affairs, and business strategy planning and implementation. He is an officially appointed legal & business consultant for Taiwan-China cross-strait commerce, also the listed arbitrator of Chinese Arbitration Association. Fan obtained an LLM degree from UC Berkeley and the PhD from China University of Political Science and Law.

Zoomlaw has strong M&A capabilities around the technology sectors, manufacturing industries, online digital business, financial services, software, real estate, life sciences and medical devices. It advises sponsors and investors on matters ranging from initial seed capital investments, complex fund formation, investment strategies and tax. The team is experienced in assisting clients with IPO and OTC inspections and enforcement actions.

Due to Zoomlaw’s professional reputation, many governmental institutions request our legal services. Our clients from the public sectors include IDB, Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, National Center for Traditional Arts, National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Culture & Tourism Bureau of Chiayi County, Changhua County Government, Taitung County Government, and the New Taipei Government.

Zoomlaw had provided service to clients from different cultures and legal systems, it custom-tailors to provide effective and efficient legal assistance and guarantee quality services.

The Practice areas of Zoomlaw:

– Patent: China, Taiwan and Global (electronics & circuit, semiconductor, communication, software & computer science, mechanical & consumer devices, chemical & material, biotech & biochemical, medical devices)

– Trademark: China, Taiwan and Global

– Copyright

– IP prosecution/ litigation/ enforcement/ IP licensing

– Telecommunication/ Media/ Information Technology

– Data privacy/ personal data protection/ Information Security Management

– Cyber law and e-commerce

– Corporate and M&A/ Due diligence

– Capital markets/ Private equity/ Venture capital/ Investment funds

– Dispute resolution

– Competition laws

– Corporate establishment/ Financial services regulatory

– Gaming

– Real estate/ Real estate finance

– International trade/ Contracts/ Commercial transactions/ Trade finance

– Labour laws

– China practice/ china-related matters

Q&A With Kuo-Hua Fan


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