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Kabo Motswagole

Kabo Motswagole

  • Firm: Motswagole & Company
  • Practice Area: Commercial
  • Country: Botswana
  • Unit 5A, Grand Union Building, New Central Business District, Gaborone.

About Kabo Motswagole

Mr. Motswagole has received legal training both in Botswana, at the University of Botswana and in the United States at Fordham University Graduate School of Law in New York City. He is also an Admitted and Practicing Attorney of the High Court of Botswana and other courts of the Republic of Botswana; he is a Member in good standing of Botswana’s only Bar Association, The Law Society of Botswana. He also serves as the current Chairperson of the Botswana Press Council Media Complaints Committee. Mr. Motswagole is also a Member of the Architects Registration Council Professional Practice and Disciplinary Committee. In addition to the above he is also a certified Conveyancer, Republic of Botswana and a Notary Public, Republic of Botswana.
Prior to his employment at Motswagole & Company Mr. Motswagole was a Senior Associate Attorney at Monthe Marumo & Company (Incorporating Molatlhegi & Associates). In the summer of 2012 up until 2013, he was a Research Assistant at the Leitner Centre for International Law and Justice (New York) where he worked on projects at the Centre which included sustainable development projects, energy law and policy behavior, mining beneficiation, Corporate Social Responsibility, Foreign Domestic Investment and Aid and Development. Mr. Motswagole and his team of international graduate students in Accra, Ghana oversaw these projects.
In 2011 before heading to the United States Kabo did some local legal work. He was an Attorney at Law and Conveyancer at Mosojane Legal Consultancy; a lawfirm he helped create. At this firm he was a team leader in the general Litigation and Conveyancing Department. Where he worked alongside a former judge, the Honourable Justice John Z Mosojane. He took up the role after a stint as a Research Assistant for The Hon Justice M T Motswagole in the year 2010.
  • Advised and handled cases on behalf Imara Finance and in one instance a withdrawn arbitration against Shumba Coal concerning a Listing dispute in the Stock Exchanges of Mauritius and Botswana.
  • Represented Mmegi Investment Holdings and the Mmegi Group of Companies in Shareholder dispute in a bid to fight off a hostile take over, both at the High Court and the Court of Appeal.
  • Represented and advised Mmegi Publishing Trust, then majority shareholder in the Mmegi Investment Holdings, in their bid to defend their position as majority shareholder in the Group.
  • Drafted a Statement of Claim on behalf of H&A Cutting in a 150 Million Pula arbitration against Benard Hyde Associates.
  • Solely drafted and participated in negotiations of 2 major contracts for and on behalf of AON Botswana’s Bank Assurance Department between AON Botswana, Barclays Bank on the one agreement and Standard Chartered Bank, Hollard Botswana and Botswana Life Insurance on the other agreement.
  • Did debt collection for CEDA and NDB
  • Advised the Bank Assurance Department of AON Botswana on NBFIRA queries and issues.
  • Represented Botswana Public Officers Pension Fund (BPOPF) in several matters involving claims against it by its different members/beneficiaries.
  • Advised the BPOPF in Non-Bank Financial Institutions Regulatory Authority (NBFIRA) queries and issues.
  • Advised the Botswana National Council of Non-Governmental Organisations (BOCONGO). Conducted Annual General Meetings on 2 separate incidents all which were done in accordance with its constitution.
  • Drafted the original Shareholders Agreement between shareholders of The Business Weekly Newspaper.
  • Drafted major contracts for and on behalf of Yarona FM (Pty) Ltd
  • Periodically advised the Botswana National Sports Commission (BNSC) Board from time to time.
  • Drafted a facilities management contract for the Botswana National Sports Council and presented its contents to the Board and the Estates Manager.
  • Drafted the founding Constitution of the Ghanzi District Council Economic Fund.
  • Negotiated and advised on a services contract between VIB Mobile and BeMobile for and on behalf of VIB Mobile.
  • Acting for Botswana Meat Commission on several matters
  • Acted for Kweneng Land Board
  • Litigated on 5 Tribal Land Leases for and behalf of Tawana Land Board in Tenders involving tourism ventures of more than 50 Million Pula each.
  • Currently doing matters on behalf of North East District Council involving high level agreements and litigation on tenders and other matters.
  • Did for debt collection for an on behalf of Mmegi Newspaper/Dikgang Publishing Ltd.
  • Acted for Ghanzi District Council on several matters.
  • On a retainer basis for Botswana Communication Workers Union (BOCOWU) housed at Mascom Wireless Botswana.
  • Sole legal advisor to Botswana Sector of Educators Union Funeral Scheme, a multi million Pula Burial Society currently underwritten by Liberty Life.
  • Reviewed and Advised on Brokerage Agreements, Revenue Sharing Agreements and Life Insurance Policies between Liberty Life and Botswana Sectors of Educators Insurance Brokers (BIB)
  • Acted for Atlas Copco in a 7 Million Pula litigation initiated by Stanbic Bank.
  • Was involved in the preliminary stages of the BTCL Listing Exercise while at Monthe Marumo & Co.
  • Acted pro bono, for Foreign Prison inmates who were being denied ARVs (HAART) by the Government of the Republic of Botswana, was successful both at the High Court and at the Court of Appeal.
  • Acted pro bono for 150 employees in a class action lawsuit against then Diamonex Mine, now Lerala Diamonds, a retrenchment matter.
  • Acted for former and current BIFM employees in a retrenchment matter.
  • Done about 10 and still doing murder trials on a Pro Deo basis.
  • Acted pro bono for a Plaintiff in a torture lawsuit against the Directorate on Intelligence
  • One of the attorneys doing several cases on a pro bono basis on behalf of sexual crimes victims under the auspices of the “I shall not forget” movement.
  • One of the pro bono attorneys for the “Unemployment Movement”.

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