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Jarosław  Kruk

Jarosław Kruk

  • Firm: Kruk & Partners Law Firm
  • Practice Area: Defence
  • Country: Poland
  • 14 bl. Ladysława z Gielniowa Street, Warsaw, Poland, 02-066.

About Jarosław Kruk

He has been a Legal advisor since 1997. From 2000 till 2010  he was a partner and a manager of Kruk Pasierbiak Wasilewski & Partners law firm. Now he is a managing partner of the Kruk & Partners Law Firm, established in 2010 by him and his team.
He is known and highly valued expert in  the defense sector and the state security, military equipment purchases, offset as well as public, utilities and defense procurement. He has gained his experience and practice while working a few years for the Law Department of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration as well as managing the law support outsourcing for the needs of the Department of Offset Programs of the Ministry of Economic Affairs from 2007 to 2010.
He is a specialist in implementing compliance programs – procedures allowing preventing and minimalizing business malpractices and irregularities. His main field of expertise is consulting the issues of revealing and preventing business crimes and corruption, especially the issues of “corporate crimes”, “white collar crimes”, and “anti-money laundering”. He is highly experienced in the field of damage compensation and embezzled assets recovery both in Poland and abroad. He also executes big international transactions such as Polish companies acquisition by a foreign capital. He also specializes in intergenerational assets transfers , which  is difficult in Poland due to incomplete law regulations.
He has been rewarded by Who’s Who Legal in the category of best lawyers working on assets recovery. He publishes  many opinion-forming  articles regarding the military industry on his blog – www.defenceioffset.pl. These articles are also published by the Polish prestigious portal of the military industry – www.defence24.pl. He is also a regular publicist of the International Law Office – White Collar Crime Newsletter for Poland.
The Law Firm
We are an independent law firm which for several years now has been providing complex legal advisory services to Polish and foreign corporate clients, financial institutions and public administration bodies (state and local government).
Our aim is to provide our customers with the best legal solutions, optimally and precisely adapted to their individual needs.
Our lawyers, besides knowledge of different fields of law, also have a very wide experience, acquired while servicing leading Polish and foreign companies, as well as entrepreneurs  from the small and middle  firms sector, operating in different lines of business and economy sectors.
The team of our experienced lawyers demonstrates not only broad legal knowledge but also the ability of a proper assessment of our clients’ business situation. While proposing their solutions, our lawyers take our clients’ business goals into account.
We operate in the whole Poland area, cooperating with lawyers and renowned law firms from other Polish cities. In order to achieve the best results, we also cooperate with foreign lawyers, foreign law firms and international law organizations. Due to the continuous cooperation with foreign law firms, we have a lot of active contacts all over the world and we can provide Polish firms operating abroad and foreign businesses operating in Poland with complex legal services.
Our lawyers provide complex legal services in Polish, English, German, Russian and French language.
Our Law Firm specializes in legal advisory services rendered on the markets of companies operating on the markets of: Defence and security, Energy and natural resources, Liquid fuels and chemicals logistics, TSL – Transport, spedition, logistics, FMCG, Telecommunications , New technology and Internet, Real estate, Infrastructure and Public-Private Partnership projects.
The complex legal services rendered by our Firm include the following expertise: Defence and security, Business crimes, Corporate law, Administrative law, Intellectual property, New technologies and Internet, Energy and natural resources, Real estate and construction investment, Infrastructure projects and Public Private Partnership projects , Litigation and arbitration, International transactions, Tax and customs law, Labor law.

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posted 11 years ago

posted 11 years ago

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