• O2 mobile giant ADSI
  • Business transformation experts – Tier 2 Consulting.

Overall, Venture Corporate Finance assisted ten significant deals in other industries with an additional nine in the aforementioned IT and telecommunications industries.

Economic concerns and woes

The broader market concerns put some analysts into a caution-like mentality. All one would need to do is listen to the news media to think that we’re on the cusp of a complete financial meltdown.

However, reality often is more reflective of the market fundamentals which remain strong. As mentioned, many firms saw double-digit acquisition volume, including well know companies such as Babble and Croft.

It is true that the economy has contracted somewhat. Yet this has not held back ongoing M&A growth nor did it impact the volume of deals throughout 2022. With a softening of those economic fears, and as the market conditions set the stage for 2023, our analysis points toward a continued pattern of explosive M&A activity this year.

The state of M&A in 2023

We’ve previously written about the state of M&A in 2023, with expectations indicative of a shift in the nature of mergers and acquisitions. Nevertheless, the seller’s market remains quite strong leading into the first several months of this year. Buyers are continually looking for quality investments, and the flow of transactions should continue at the same pace as the previous twelve months.

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