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The Bahamas: Perfect for Flying, But Accidents Happen

posted 10 months ago

Given the numbers of private and commercial planes flying to and from The Bahamas, it’s sadly not uncommon to hear of aircraft accidents causing injuries and, occasionally, fatalities. The expert personal injury lawyers at award-winning firm ParrisWhittaker are experienced in pursuing damages from those responsible for an individual’s injuries.

Rarely a month goes by without news of plane-related incidents: on 21 August a plane reportedly vanished of the coast of The Bahamas after leaving Florida; and in July, an aircraft crashed off the coast of Eleuthera (no injuries were reported).  In late June, several injured people were rescued after a plane en route to Florida crashed into the sea a few miles north of the Bahamas island of Andros, after purportedly suffering mechanical issues.

The personal injury team at ParrisWhittaker regularly acts for those injured in aircraft accidents within The Bahamas jurisdiction, as well as in other jurisdictions where Bahamas-registered aircraft are involved.

Our lawyers know and understand the pain and distress, financial strain and the impact of injuries on your work and family life. When bringing an injury claim on your behalf, you can be sure of excellent and robust representation with a view to concluding your case as early and fairly as possible.

Making out your case

We will gather full details of what happened, investigate and collect the best evidence we can so that we can build a strong case for you. Our ultimate aim is to prove the other party was negligent, and breached their duty of care towards you, resulting in your injuries.

We work closely with organisations, such as the Aircraft Accident Investigation Authority of The Bahamas, the Airport Authority and the coast guard, to enable us to secure accident reports and other evidence to support an injury claim.

We are also specialists in dealing with sometimes complex jurisdictional issues where, for example, US, Canadian or European aircraft, businesses or nationals are involved.

Can I claim for a loved one’s death?

Yes, if you’ve lost a close relative in an aircraft accident (or any other accident where someone else is to blame) you are legally entitled to claim compensation. We regularly support claimants in fatal accident cases and aggressively pursue those responsible for causing someone’s death. Our aim is to secure fair compensation in as short a time as possible, enabling you to move on with your life.

We know we can never turn the clock back, but with our specialist help we can secure compensation to provide the financial help you need to support your future.  When you feel ready, contact us for advice, support and representation.

What should I do now?

It’s important to take the first step to claiming compensation as soon as you can, because you have three years from the date of the plane accident to start legal proceedings. After three years, it could be more difficult to claim.  That said, it’s always best to start your claim as early as possible while events are fresh in your mind, witnesses can more easily be located and the best evidence is available.

Thankfully, the majority of cases are settled outside of the courtroom. That is always our aim: to negotiate the maximum amount of compensation you deserve without having to incur the financial and emotional cost of going to court. Usually, those responsible for the accident will have indemnity insurance and our lawyers are experienced in negotiating with insurers.

Talk to our team at ParrisWhittaker on +1.242.352.6112 or if you prefer, send us an email and we will get in touch with you.


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