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The Advantages of a Wind Farm in Romania

posted 3 years ago

By Nicholas Hammond

Romania is currently rated as one of the best countries in Europe for buying a wind farm, especially since it has one of the highest rates of wind energy generation in Europe. The country has abundant sun and wind resources and a history of renewable energy development with wind farms leading the way. Furthermore, the government is committed to saving natural resources and meeting its climate change goals.

Romania’s focus on renewable energy has allowed it to reduce its carbon footprint by more than 50% since 1990. This makes it a great place for new wind farms and other renewables such as solar panels or geothermal energy.

Romania’s wind farms are an economical, ecological, and social engine.

The country has a lot of wind resources and this together with other renewable energy sources has led to the development of five major types of renewble energy source in Romania but particularly wind power plants. These include:

– onshore wind turbines

– offshore wind turbines

– rooftops solar photovoltaic systems (rooftop solar farms)

– combined heat and power generation with an electric generator and a turbine (CHP) systems

– small hydroelectric plants with a capacity of less than 10 MW

What are the benefits of buying a wind farm in Romania?

Romania is a good country to buy a wind farm. Although Romania does not have as many wind farms as other countries, the country has a lot of potential for generating electricity from the wind. It has an average wind speed of 16.8 m/s, and 10% of its surface is covered with fields that can allow the geberation of electricity from the wind.

The benefits of buying a wind farm in Romania include renewable energy certificates and an attractive tax system that encourages investment in renewable energy and low carbon technologies. The country as mentioned has ample wind resources and is one of the few countries that currently produces more electricity than it consumes. The benefits further include lower electricity rates and incentives and access to public funds for investment.

Buying wind farms in Romania can be a challenging process. The process involves multiple steps from getting approval from the Ministry of Environment and Water Management, dealing with the Romanian Anti-Monopoly Agency, and conducting an energy audit.

The Romanian Wind Energy Law which was adopted in 2007 sets out the framework for investors’ purchase and sale of wind farms. To invest in this sector, you should be eligible for an investor’s licence and have other financial resources available to cover most of the investment costs if you are buying an existing wind farm. 

If instead of buying an existing project you wish to start a new project, then the first step is to get the Ministry of Environment and Water Management approval for your project. You need to submit a project plan, environmental impact assessment (EIA), permit application for construction works, and operating permits for renewable energy production. You also need to conduct an energy audit by an accredited company before applying for a permit application.


Romania is a country that has seen significant progress in renewable energy over the past few years. The government has been investing heavily in green power, which has allowed it to reduce its carbon footprint and become less dependent on natural resources. Romania is now one of the leading countries in Europe when it comes to renewable energy.


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