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International Tax - USA

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Kevin E. Thorn



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Kevin E. Thorn
Thorn Law Group

Thorn Law Group is a leader in providing tax counsel and legal representation to clients throughout the United States and around the world. Our firm is home to a team of highly effective, solution-oriented tax attorneys. Each tax attorney at Thorn Law Group is focused on delivering superior national and international tax planning advice, litigation advice before US government agencies, and resolving complex tax disputes in the most effective and efficient manner.

The legal professionals at our firm are former IRS tax attorneys and United States Tax Court Clerks. This experience gives us a strategic advantage when navigating clients through the complex procedures and structures of government agencies and allows us to provide unique and invaluable insight into IRS policies and procedures in both civil and criminal matters. We have advocated in cases that involve business tax concerns and international tax issues, such as the reporting policies for offshore bank accounts, IRS voluntary disclosures and high net-worth tax planning for US and individuals from other countries. We have provided legal counsel in many cases that include criminal tax investigations and complex IRS tax audits and appeals.

Mr. Thorn’s expertise is highly sought after across the country and around the globe in all stages of civil and criminal tax controversies including, international tax law, IRS voluntary disclosures, offshore bank accounts and foreign asset disclosures, civil examinations, criminal investigations, IRS administrative appeals, collection alternatives, ethics investigations, IRS tax audits, IRS conservation easements, cryptocurrency disclosures and other types of complex civil litigation.

His broad range of clients include high networth individuals, individuals, tax professionals, partnerships, trusts, banks, closely-held businesses, accounting firms, law firms, and corporations. He is highly skilled, intellectually bright, and respected by professionals across the Nation. Mr. Thorn is one of the “Go-To” tax attorneys in Washington, DC and the North East for complicated tax issues when high profile individuals or big-name companies need important legal issues resolved.

He represents taxpayers in all types of federal and state civil and criminal tax controversy and litigation matters. He has advocated on behalf of his clients before the Internal Revenue Service, the Department of Justice, the United States Tax Court, the Internal Revenue Service’s Office of Professional Responsibility, the Internal Revenue Service’s Whistleblower Office, and DC, Virginia, Maryland and other state taxing authorities.

Mr. Thorn has been named one of the “Top 100” Attorneys in United States, and his firm has been named the Top Tax Firm in Washington, DC and Boston for the last six years running.

Mr. Thorn is a regular speaker and instructor at many professional organizations. He has spoken with and advised banks in Europe, as well as, financial service providers in the Caribbean and other parts of the world regarding FATCA and U.S. information reporting requirements. Mr. Thorn has also spoken on several tax law and government procedure matters to such professional organizations as the American Bar Association’s Section of Taxation, the Federal Bar Association, state bar associations, and several academic and regional conferences.

The world is getting smaller because of technology, and as a result, clients continue to bring to me novel issues that pertain to international tax audits, litigation, wealth management and high net worth estate planning. There appears to be no end in sight regarding new cross border issues that need to be addressed by experienced tax attorneys.

The United States taxes its citizens, resident aliens, and green card holders on their world-wide income. As a result of this, when individuals from other countries come to the US they need to be aware of their reporting requirements in regards to tax filing, tax paying and tax reporting requirements. Failure to report financial accounts alone, can result in large penalties and potential incarceration.

Thorn Law Group services many clients from most countries from around the world. The attorneys at Thorn Law Group have over 50 plus years of experience helping clients properly plan their estates and come into regulatory compliance under US law. In addition, the firm uses its vast connections around the globe to make sure its clients are also in compliance in other countries as well.

The United States is the safest place to invest your money in the world and millions of people do. The US has favourable interest rates, all types of investments can be found throughout the country, a client’s money is extremely well protected in US financial institutions, and well-developed law and courts protect the investments.

Although the United States and other countries have increased their efforts effectively via new laws and regulations regarding the tax laws, there are still fantastic investment opportunities in the US and around the world. If proper financial and investment reporting is taken seriously, Thorn Law Group finds the US and many places around the world to very business friendly. Normally, the firm helps many individuals and companies that come to the US for business purposes, get into or come back into regulatory compliance.

Thorn Law Group has connections with other professionals that it has established over 50 years throughout the world. As a result, the firm is able to use these connections to help its clients achieve their business objectives on a global scale.

Although, the laws are always changing, Thorn Law Group uses its home office, located in the heart of Washington, DC to stay informed and have input on new legislation. It is important for clients to use well connected knowledgeable attorneys to keep up to date on the constant changes that impact foreign account reporting for themselves individually, as well as their businesses.

IRS tax audits and financial account reporting audits have been on the rise over the last five years, as the United States continues to battle terrorism, drug trafficking and tax evasion. Therefore, if a business is planning on coming to the US, find an experienced well connected tax lawyer right away.

When foreign individuals come to the US to live or work for the first time, it is important that they find a competent tax attorney to educate them about the tax laws and what exactly their responsibilities are in the United States. If they do that, things will be a lot easier, and they will have a more enjoyable time during their stay in the United States.

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