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International Intellectual Property - India

posted 12 months ago


Archana Shanker (She/Her)



Archana Shanker (She/Her)
Anand & Anand

We take pleasure in the strong service standards provided by our staff on the ground as we celebrate our 100th anniversary of service in 2023. Our clients profit from our prompt and cost-effective advice and communication, and from our docketing, and reporting systems. We are a boutique law firm that offers a one-stop shop for all of our customers’ legal needs, assisting them from the preliminary stage of national filing through prosecution, intermediate hearings, and even getting the matter litigated. In addition to delivering value and excellence in every facet of our service, we are devoted to offering solutions that are specifically suited to the needs of each of our clients.

Our integrated client solutions offer seamless advice that is supported by in-depth industry and practise knowledge as well as superior local market insight. We are now examining a number of IP-related topics, including the position of Indian courts in SEP litigation, software-related applications, and various perspectives on divisional applications in India. One of the landmark cases Ferid Allani v/s Union of India in ICT domain was represented and won by our firm in the year 2019. Our clients entrust us with their most difficult cases because they know we would help them further their interests and show them the path.

While firmly clinging to the traditions that have helped us establish ourselves as one of the top law firms in India and the region, we always look for innovative ways to enhance the work we do. We have gained a reputation for excellence and a wide variety of clients are represented in areas like trademarks, trade secret, copyright, domain names, media and entertainment law, technology transfer and internet and privacy laws. Among the many types of clients who we represent are authors, software programmers, musicians, artists, and designers. Trademarks and copyright issues are two of the recent active issues in which our firm is majorly involved.

The Patents and Design department has moved to a paperless environment which is one of the first steps we have taken to reduce IP getting leaked from our company by mistake. We have ascertained that the workers are mindful of the ways in which they can unintentionally reveal IP. The advice we give to our clients is based on our expertise and gives them a leverage to modify their IP as per their needs. Secondly, the NDA we draft are done by experts in such a way that helps to protect the IP of our clients. Due to the expertise of our top-tier attorneys and our emphasis on long-term planning, we are able to anticipate trends and proactively modify the services to meet the changing demands of the global economy in interest with our client’s needs. We look at IP as a business asset that helps the clients set apart their business from competitors and restricts others profiting from it without their consent.

On cross-border disputes involving assets in various jurisdictions, we assume an active counsel position. In order to give our customers comprehensive, smooth, and top-notch legal advice on regional issues, we assist in coordinating the advice of foreign lawyers. Our service is based on solid local expertise and the high standards of excellence that are associated with our Firm. The calibre of our work combined with second-to-none skills is acknowledged internationally at the highest levels of government and industry and marks us as Asia’s world class law firm.

Due diligence enables clients and businesses to comprehend a deal’s characteristics, the risks associated with it, and whether it fits within their portfolio. Due diligence is essentially “homework” that we always recommend our client does before deciding. Market research is helpful in determining whether a product or company idea is viable. A thorough investigation is necessary to uncover misrepresentation and fraudulent activity in a significant business transaction.

When the stakes are high and the issues are complicated, our attorneys and senior counsel are the go-to option. Our award-winning business constantly receives high rankings in legal directories and magazines, and its Partners are frequently recognised as the best attorneys in their specialised practise areas. We are dedicated to our mission of providing you with our best as trusted advisers and of collaborating with you to achieve your desired outcomes, whether it be tackling the most challenging and complex of structures, paving new legal and business ground, or achieving win-win outcomes for our clients. In addition to being well-known on many platforms, the members of our team serve as active members and committee members of several important organisations, such as FICPI, AIPLA, APPA, and others. We have established close working connections with law firms in different marketplaces that gives you the freedom to work with the best attorneys who have the necessary specialised knowledge and expertise.

We have been at the bleeding edge of practise and innovation over the years thanks to our involvement in cutting-edge deals and trend-setting transactions. A Division Bench recently rendered a ground-breaking decision in the case of Intex v. Ericsson. According to the ruling, the Standard Essential Patent (SEP) regime calls for an open and transparent agreement between a willing licensee (implementer) and a willing licensor (patentee). On their SEP-heavy portfolio, we are closely collaborating with many of our clients, so such judgements are always an enjoyable twist for us. In addition, the Madras Court has recently opened its IPD division which is a welcome change for us. The creation of such divisions will definitely attract more companies to enter India and create strong IP in the Indian jurisdiction.

As the largest practises specialising in intellectual property laws in India and one of the Top Tier IP Law Firms in Asia, we are a preeminent full service intellectual property law business. We have played a significant role in laying the groundwork for a more robust IP regime, and we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of change in substantive and procedural legislation as well as assisting clients in monetizing their intellectual property.

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International Intellectual Property - India

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