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International Intellectual Property – France

posted 2 months ago


Nathalie Dreyfus



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One of the most notable aspects of our services is the fact that we provide such a wide range of support in the field of intellectual property, leaving no stone unturned. It includes trademarks, copyright, design, domain names, data protection, IT law and Web 3.0 Law, demonstrating our versatility in helping a wide range of clients. One of the most outstanding aspects of our services is our client support. Dreyfus was founded with clients at the core of everything, resulting in our incredible reactivity, availability and seamless defense.

Our working method is designed to adapt to the specific requirements of our clients and the issues raised during our collaborations. We work towards the protection of our clients’ intellectual property by identifying vulnerabilities and developing tailored preventive strategies. Among the main challenges are risks related to trademarks, cybersecurity, domain name fraud and challenges posed by new technologies. We address our clients’ needs by prioritising a proactive risk management approach, while maintaining constant vigilance to quickly detect any infringement of IP rights.

Internet protection has become crucial, particularly in the context of Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, where threats have multiplied. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a significant evolution in the digital environment, increasing the risk of cyberattacks targeting IP assets, such as trademarks, domain names or company names. We support businesses by offering preventive measures and implementing effective monitoring systems, enabling early detection of potential breaches to their assets. Furthermore, prior art searches, trademark and design filings as well as continuous trademark monitoring remain essential aspects of our activities.

For us, one of the major challenges lies in new technologies. Faced with the growing emergence of these technologies and the increasingly thin boundary between industrial property and the digital world, it is now imperative to address intellectual property in both the real world and the connected universe. These technological advances lead to new threats to intellectual property assets, whether through domain names or product counterfeiting.

Legislative differences also represent a significant challenge. With the expansion of global markets and the growth of international trade, it is crucial to establish mechanisms for protecting IP on an international scale. That is why we have developed monitoring mechanisms, whether for trademarks, company names or domain names. One of our most effective tools for protecting our clients’ brands is our Dreyfus IPweb trademark portfolio management software. This allows us to track all relevant client-related information and stay informed of new legislation, regulations and other legal requirements worldwide.

One of the main challenges related to the implementation of IP on an international scale lies in legislative differences. It is essential to ensure that our clients’ rights are recognised and protected in each relevant jurisdiction.

However, the enforcement of decisions abroad also poses a problem. Jurisdictional differences and logistical constraints can hinder the application of rights. Legislation plays a crucial role in developing a tailored strategy with our clients.

To overcome these challenges, we rely on our international network of agents and lawyers, ensuring personalised service for our clients worldwide. Moreover, our software allows us to stay informed about the legislation in force in different countries.

Another challenge lies in the proliferation of new technologies, which has facilitated counterfeiting and large-scale cyberattacks. We have implemented monitoring systems to protect assets online, whether on Web 2.0, Web 3.0 or the metaverse.

Due diligence is of critical importance for a firm specialised in industrial property, as it allows us to not only evaluate our clients’ intellectual assets, but also to identify potential risks and opportunities. Furthermore, it helps prevent costly litigation by identifying potential issues early on.

It is also essential for developing a robust and tailored IP strategy for our clients – by determining the areas to protect and the resources to allocate. Additionally, IP research enables us to ensure regulatory compliance for our clients, thereby avoiding sanctions.

This due diligence is made possible thanks to the vigilance of our team and our monitoring system, Dreyfus IPweb, which keeps us informed of legislative developments and infringements on our clients’ trademarks.

Effective communication is a vital aspect in staying well-informed, whether it’s through interacting with our local agents or various offices, which can provide us with precise information about legislations and best practices for efficiently protecting our clients’ IP assets. This allows us to ensure optimal monitoring as well as enhanced protection of our clients’ brands.

We also plan to expand our network of contacts, both within the legal community and the business world – to stay informed about current industry trends and increase our business opportunities.

We regularly participate in conferences and webinars, both nationally and internationally, to keep ourselves updated on the latest news in the field of IP. We attend INTA’s Annual Meeting on a regular basis, an event that brings together global IP experts to connect, learn and stay updated on key brand-related issues.

One of our areas of expertise lies in the digital economy. With the constant evolution of technologies, numerous legislations are being developed to regulate them.

A major current challenge concerns the regulation of artificial intelligence, which could impact several sectors, including intellectual property. Projects and proposals for directives are being drafted to harmonise the rules related to AI, whether it concerns regulatory requirements for high-risk AI system providers and users, or the implementation of a liability system based on defective product liability. As AI is set to become ubiquitous, staying informed will allow us to effectively advise and protect our clients facing issues related to this new technology.

We are also closely monitoring the launch of the “New gTLD” program, which is finally expected to take place at the end of 2023, bringing about changes in the protection and management of domain names.

While founding Dreyfus, Nathalie Dreyfus’s objective was to always find solutions for her clients, no matter how complex the issue could be. To this day, Nathalie Dreyfus and her team strive to bring innovative and pragmatic answers to complex legal questions and issues related to the protection and enhancement of IP rights. Dreyfus has a balanced clientele, from large, well-known companies with big brands to smaller firms, including creators, artists, entrepreneurs and startups. The team at Dreyfus works closely together to bring their clients’ projects and ideas to life, and according to Nathalie Dreyfus, it is always an absolute pleasure with a sense of pride to see their work yield fruitful results. Dreyfus prides itself on assisting its clients hand-in-hand from start to finish.

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