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International Commercial - Hungary

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Lajos Law Firm & Associated Partners is a law firm for Hungarian and foreign investors in Budapest. The core values of our team are defined as reliability, professionalism, and creativity. During our 25 years we had to adapt to several fundamental reforms of the Hungarian legal system; to economic crisis, booms and changing needs of our clients. We always tried to be faster and more flexible than our competitors. We have great experience in civil law litigation, tax law, labour law, real estate law, insolvency law, agricultural law, administrative law, European law, mergers and acquisitions, criminal law, family law and competition law. We are fluent in English and Italian: several of us have worked and/or studied in the U.S. or in Italy. Through complex transactions and challenging litigation, we have gained valuable experience that helps us to find optimal solutions for our clients. Attorney-client privilege is a building stone of our firm.
Client satisfaction is the most important for us: we believe in continuous and correct communication; we try to give prompt answers; we always work with an eye on the client’s interest.

We are running several legal due diligences as the first step of company acquisitions. The target companies are working in mass industrial production. We are also preparing transaction documents. Mergers and acquisitions are a major part of our workflow. We are involved in dispute resolution as well. We represent both plaintiffs and defendants in classic civil law litigation mostly related to constructions. We work together with a Swiss law firm in Zürich based arbitration cases where the applicable material law is Hungarian. We also act as defence attorneys in white collar crimes.

Acquisition of a car industry supplier company;

Buying an industrial plot for a factory, legal advice in obtaining the permits, drafting and negotiating the construction contract;

Acquisition of a 5-star hotel;

Legal due diligence and legal assistance in the acquisition of a historic building for 5-star hotel in Italy.

Each technological development may cause different legal issues to deal with. The first thing in each case is a thorough evaluation of the legal relations that must be reconsidered. Data protection, or IP law issues might be on the table. The next challenge will be the introduction of AI. 

Cyber security is an important issue worldwide and every company who manages data is a potential target. The sectors in higher risk are especially the health sector, financial sector, intellectual sector, and the governmental sector just to name a few examples. The size of the company does not matter, if you store data, it is vital to be aware of data protection. There are several ways to reduce the risk of a potential cyber-attack. First, having a secure IT system built by professionals. Furthermore, the most vulnerable part of the system is always the human, so awareness must include the education of employees and using protected IT systems can minimalise the risks. We assist our clients by performing complete due diligence of the company, assessing the client’s needs, and preparing GDPR documents that are tailored to the client’s specific requirements, working closely with the client’s IT experts.

Sustainability and ethical impact of companies are major issues we cannot ignore. Our firm is aware of such global challanges, understands the risks and makes an effort in making our clients aware of such problems by for example participating in charity events, where protection of the environment, economic disparities, lack of resources, and other national issues are in the focus. We anticipate that companies will work towards sustainability, address concerns as climate change and pledge to diversity, inclusion, and equity.

Lajos Law Firm has been in close collaboration with ITL Group for decades. ITL Group aims to provide full scale of services in a changing world, offers support in fields such as bookkeeping, audit, tax, consulting, head hunting, lease of workforce, legal seat and real estate brokerage. Since we share the same offices and ITL is specialised in foreign clients as well, investors, who are willing to fund a company or open a branch in Hungary may find a large scale of consultancy needed in a one-stop-shop. This partnership, attracting mainly Italian clients, widens the advisory scope of our law firm, LLF is an active member of several organisations, such as the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Hungary, the American Chamber of Commerce in Hungary, the Association of Italian speaking lawyers, the Union of European lawyers and the Berkeley Global Society – an organisation of UC Berkeley LLM alumni – and lately of Confindustria Ungheria (association of Italian industrial companies).

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International Commercial - Hungary

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International Commercial - Hungary

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