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QR Code Without BSN

posted 3 years ago

Are you from outside Europe and not yet in possession of your EU-Coronavirus Entry Pass?

Since 25 September 2021, the Coronavirus Entry Pass (‘Coronacheck’) also applies in The Netherlands for entrance in public places such as: bars and restaurants (but not takeaways and terraces), events (festivals, concerts and professional sports events) and cultural venues (cinemas and theatres). Whether people have a booked seat or not, and whether the location is indoors or outdoors, everyone above 13 has to show a valid Coronavirus Entry Pass to be admitted.

To obtain a Coronavirus Entry Pass in The Netherlands, you need to identify yourself via the identification-app ‘DigiD’ (either via app or SMS) to create a QR-code which shows your proof of vaccination.

If someone has been vaccinated in The Netherlands or in another country that works with the European Digital Corona Certificate, then the Vaccination data is automatically processed in the system. The GGD specialists are also able to manually enter information from people who have been vaccinated abroad with a BSN-number (service nummer; social security number).

Let’s take the case of a fully vaccinated American citizen assigned to The Netherlands and flying from New York to Amsterdam. His registration appointment at the municipality to obtain his BSN-number is scheduled not earlier than 10 days after his arrival.

As he does not yet have his BSN, he cannot set up his Digid, which means that he cannot create a QR-code via the Coronacheck app. This was an issue due to the administrative rules and procedures in The Netherlands.

Since 10 October 2021, people without a BSN who have been vaccinated abroad can now register their corona vaccination and get their corona pass in their Coronacheck app. The GGD locations Utrecht and Groningen can manually enter these data into the Dutch database.

This new possibility to get a vaccination certificate in the Coronacheck app for people without a BSN is especially useful for expats. Here are the steps in order to get it:

  1. make an appointment at GGD Utrecht or GGD Groningen (only these two locations can convert the foreign vaccination certificates into a Dutch one). In order to be eligible for such certificate, the following documents will need to be taken to the appointment:
  • Identification papers (passport or ID card, the details on the ID-documents must be the same as the details on the vaccination certificate);
  • proof that you live/work in The Netherlands (for instance registration with a study institution or an employer’s statement);
  • vaccination certificate of the home country (where the vaccination has been given)

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