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Yechiel Yaron

Yechiel Yaron

  • Firm: Yechiel Yaron - Dr. Akiva Hoffman, Law Firm and Notary
  • Practice Area: Debt Collection
  • Country: Israel
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Ahad Ha'am St.,, All Tower Shalom K. 4 Eastern Entrance, Tel Aviv 65251.

About Yechiel Yaron

Yechiel Yaron – Dr. Akiba Hoffmann – Law Offices & Notary was founded in 1979 by Advocate Yechiel Yaron, former captain in the IDF, who was admitted to the Israeli Bar Association in 1972. after graduating from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. In the course of 41 years of assiduous work, patience and dedication to his clients.
Adv, Yechiel Yaron has gained recognition and appreciation not only as a lawyer but also as a speaker at a wide range of international conventions of commercial collectors associations and other forums. Adv. Yechiel Yaron was the founder and is presently director-general of Yaron International Credit Management Ltd. which operates as a commercial and private collection agency in the Middle East region. We also offer legal and other services (including research and valuation of business opportunities – hi tech, real estate etc.) for Israeli and foreign investors in Israel and abroad.
Israel is a small country, but it serves as an international center for business and investments both worldwide and in the country itself.
Our company is a member of the following international organizations in the field of commercial law, collections of all kinds of debts and financial information:
  • LIC International for Creditors
  • CLLA-Commercial Law America
  • ACA – American Collectors Association
  • ICA – Illinois Collectors Association
  • lowell
  • intrum Ustitia
Since 41 years we have been collecting debts of all kinds for major international collection and credit information companies such as: Coface, Creditreform, Heuler, K.S.V., Profaktura, Pegasus, CICS and many others.
Furthermore, we represent various Israeli and foreign organizations in all matters relating to debt collections of all kinds. For many years we have succeeded in collecting debts – in and out of court – in approx. 80% of cases having been entrusted to us. The areas of our activity include: Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Autority.
Handling of Legal Aspects:
Our success is due in no small measure to our legal department headed by the company’s president, Adv. Yechiel Yaron, from Yechiel Yaron – Dr. Akiba Hoffmann – Law Offices & Notary 9. Haad Haam str, 6525101 Tel-Aviv who has 41 years of experience in international private and commercial law, real estate, banking, corporate and insurance law.

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