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Walter Silvester

Walter Silvester

  • Firm: Silvester Legal LLC
  • Practice Area: Commercial Disputes
  • Country: Singapore
  • Email: [email protected]
  • 1 North Bridge Road, #14-10 High Street Centre, Singapore 179094.

About Walter Silvester

I am a commercial disputes lawyer, specialising in advising shareholders. 
My craft was cultivated in Singapore’s top law firms with many of Singapore’s top lawyers. I have degrees in Business and Law from NUS. I am well-placed to advise you. With me by your side, you will operate your businesses with confidence. 
My clients are companies and businessmen. In commercial disputes, I find practical and cost-effective strategies to achieve client’s goals. To me, client communication and relationship are key at all stages.
I created the curriculum and lectured for the London School of Business and Finance’s Diploma in Law. This involves eight modules including Company Law, Commercial Law, Litigation, Family Law, Tort Law, and Legal Writing & Research.
I represent Singapore as a member in the International Advisory Experts (IAE). I am also a member of the Executive’s Global Network and ArbDossier’s Head of the Singapore Chapter.
Outside of the office, I have worked with NTUC’s U Future Leaders Exchange (UFLX). Additionally, I sat on the Law Society Publications Committee. I was also interviewed by Channel News Asia in respect of my views on legal matters.
Area of Expertise
  • 2008 – 2009 Successfully acted as part of the arbitration team for an aviation operator against a government in a claim for breach of contract. The contract was worth in excess of US$1b. The matter was resolved in favour of client.
  • 2013 Successfully acted for an investor against a commodities trading company in a claim for fraud/ breach of contract. The matter was resolved in favour of client.
  • 2016 Successfully acted for a marine feeder firm against an international shipping company for breach of contract.
  • 2017 Successfully acted for a multi-chain restaurant against a contractor in a claim for damages caused by negligence of the contractor.
  • 2018 Successfully acted for a company listed on the SGX main board to settle a dispute with an international shipping company
  • 2018 Successfully acted for a company listed on the SGX main board in a claim for breach of contract against a local shipping company
  • 2018 Successfully acted for a local direct marketing company against their parent company from the United States to settle the claim favourably for client.
  • 2017 – 2019 Successfully acted in a series of matrimonial law cases in the High Court, 2 of which were decided favourably at the Court of Appeal as well.
  • 2019 Successfully acted to defend an investment banker in a claim by his ex-company for breach of his employment contract. The claim was successfully defended. We were successful in the counterclaim.
  • 2020 Successfully acted for an individual for monies invested with a property investment. Money was returned in full, with costs and interest.
  • 2021 Successfully acted for a shareholder in a claim against fellow shareholders for minority oppression. We obtained the full sum claimed by settlement without having client go through the ordeal of a trial.
  • 2021 Successfully acted for a prominent businessman to have dismissed an application against him for committal.
  • 2021 Successfully acted for a director and shareholder to defend a claim against him by an investor and fellow shareholder of the company.
Appointments & Memberships
Notable Cases & Reported Judgements
  • Mitora Pte Ltd v Agritrade International (Pte) Ltd [2012] SGHC 178
  • Yip Holdings Pte Ltd v Asia Link Marine Industries Pte Ltd [2012] 1 SLR 131; [2011] SGHC 227
  • ATS Specialized Inc. (trading as ATA Wind Energy Services) v LAP Projects (Asia) Pte Ltd [2012] SGHC 173
  • Deldar Tony Singh and another v Rajinder Singh and others [2012] SGHCR 13
  • Mitora Pte Ltd v Agritrade International (Pte) Ltd [2013] SGCA 38
  • Omae Capital Management Pte Ltd v Tetsuya Motomura [2015] SGHCR 8
  • Coca International Singapore Co Pte Ltd v Bio-Care Grease Control Pte Ltd [2017] SGDC 315
  • TIC v TID [2017] SGHCF 30
  • UUO v UUP [2019] SGFC 44
  • Leong Yim Ling v Moey Park Moon [2019] SGHC 26
  • TIC v TID [2019] 1 SLR 180; [2018] SGCA 75
  • UUE v UUF [2019] SGFC 29
  • Omae Capital Management Pte Ltd v Tetsuya Motomura [2020] SGHC 126
Awards & Recognition
  • NTUC U Future Leaders Exchange (UFLX) 2015
  • Asian Legal Business SE Asia Law Awards 2022 Finalist – Singapore’s Best Law Firms 

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