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Tony Munday

Tony Munday

  • Firm: Achieve Success
  • Practice Area: Employment Conflict Resolution
  • Country: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, United Kingdom, Wales
  • Email: [email protected]
  • United Kingdom

About Tony Munday

Anthony is the author of ‘The ESSENTIAL Heart of a Leader’. This describes his leadership journey in public service.
He says ‘Leadership is knowing ourselves and those we are responsible for as people and behaving accordingly.
Managers knowing the person not the role is not a ‘soft skill ‘. It is an essential skill.
Managers need to manage. To do so they require the appropriate skillset to do so.
This includes equipping them with the expertise to have ‘difficult conversations’ with their teams at the earliest stages of workplace conflict.
Conflict is inevitable.
The outcomes and extent of the conflict are dependent on appropriate and early intervention by managers.
The costs of workplace conflict in the UK were estimated in the ACAS Report ‘Estimating the cost of workplace conflict ‘(2021) as £28 Billion.
The costs include the use of Grievance Procedures, Misconduct, Employment Tribunals, Absenteeism, Presenteeism, Quiet Quitting, Sickness, Resignations, Recruitment and Brand Reputation.
Anthony and his team are highly experienced in leadership and conflict resolution. They are also accredited ACAS workplace mediators and registered with the Civil Mediation Council as workplace mediators.
Anthony and his team can support organisations and businesses to equip their managers with the required expertise, to manage people with the minimum of workplace conflict.
Mediation is widely recognised as the most effective way of resolving workplace conflict and enhancing workplace relationships.
You will have access to experienced professionals who will work with you to provide solutions that make a positive difference.
Partnering with Tony to deliver training, mentoring, coaching and mentoring is Tracy Boylin.
Tracy Boylin Biography – MCIPD
Tracy is the award-winning CEO of Organisational and People Genetics, which is a specialist Consultancy, HR advice, and tech company that has a very specialist expertise in both conflict resolution and the Whistleblowing arena. Her tech allows Regulators and organisations to obtain the intelligence on issues and translates them into the risks posed to the organisation and wider society. Prior to setting up Organisational Genetics she worked as an HR Director for 30 years spanning the private, charity and public sectors, during which time she was commended by Ofsted for resolving the longest running strike in Educational History and won a National Training Award.

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