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Theodoros N. Spanos

  • Firm: SFlegal & Law Firm
  • Practice Area: Real Estate Investment
  • Country: Greece
  • Rizari 13 str, ​​Athens, pc 11634.

About Theodoros N. Spanos

A skilled litigator, trial lawyer, and arbiter with experience advising clients, trying cases, and negotiating complex civil and criminal disputes. Mr. Spanos specializes in civil cases, labour law and immigration policies with focus on “golden visa” immigrants.

Mr. Spanos represents clients in cross-border transactions – joint ventures, sophisticated mergers, acquisitions, and other deal making – where he is experienced in domestic and international trade, customs, finance, and banking issues. Among his clients are high net worth individuals, foreign governments and their officials and financial institutions.

He is capable of proceeding complex cases and also negotiating. Also consults successfully about personal and business investments, especially when it comes along with secure immigration policies, achieving the best solution to clients.

Furthermore, he represents clients to criminal, civil and administrative cases.

Bar Admission

Theodoros N. Spanos is member of Athens Bar Association, as well the law firm, in which he is the managing partner.

Languages English, French

Lawyer’s Areas of Practice

Short Career Letter

Mr Spanos successfully completed the Athens Law University on 2013. After completing his obligatory military services as lieutenant, he started the career in law being a trainee lawyer for more than 1 and half years in very highly rated law firm in Athens. After successfully finishing his trainee lawyer career, he became an Attorney at Law on 2015 and continued his successful route in law firm. Meanwhile he completed his LLM in labour law. On 2016, he established his own law firm.  After this, he completed many hundred of cases and gained top experience in golden visa – immigration cases, highly net worth individuals, financial regulations, establishment of new entities-companies, loan issues and investments. The law firm Sflegal in which he is the managing partner is currently having more than 10 staff and is having a wide expertise in court and out of court cases.

Firm Description

SF Legal Law Firm has a great speciality of different domains in which we make great success. It is consisted of every characteristic needed to make new skies.

Our firm has a practice of many decades towards all practice are of law. Our principle goal is to find solutions for all your problems and issues. You do not have to worry. you have to trust us. Consisting of people with a great court and outside court experience gives us the possibility to suggest the solution asked.

Having a great partnership with many professionals in many different domains just gives us the rapidity and success every case really needs. We. finally. work with a very simple rule. Work harder. do the best. find the perfect solution for your client.

Innovative Legal Law and Services

Together we are stonger. more successful. Always acheiving more and going further. Making the future better for our client.

Trust is only one word. In our firm. it is the key to success.

One of our simple rules towards our clients’ cases id the following : “Your problem. our problem’. Domaining ways

Domaining means to do things the right way. achieving what can be achieved. Achieving the possible goals does mean that victory is in our side.

Achieving does not mean the path is easy to be walked. But doing it the right way. the mountain can be reached and conquered.

“Limit is the sky. So there is no limit”.

Practice Areas

  • Employment Law /
  • Family Law / Criminal Law /
  • Child Care Law /
  • Conveyancing Housing Law /
  • Criminal Law /
  • Civil Law /
  • Financial Law /
  • Commercial Law /
  • Maritime Law /
  • Business and corporat Law /
  • Administrative Law /
  • Real Estate Law /
  • Immigration Law /
  • Litigation /
  • Consulting and more.

Q&A With Theodoros N. Spanos


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