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Silvia Segnalini

Silvia Segnalini

About Silvia Segnalini

Silvia Segnalini is of counsel of Lener & Partners.
She is specialising in art law, fashion law, cultural heritage, copyright & all related legal issues on art and collecting, including when art is an asset class or a collateral in financial transactions. Lawyer, member of the Rome Bar since 2002, she has been providing ongoing assistance to leading italian auction houses; to international and italian families and collectors in generational handover and enhancement of collections; to foreign families in art recovery claims (including the recovery of artworks, based in Italy, looted from the Jewish people during the World War II); to a swiss investment art fund; to primary italian industrial groups for the set up of Foundations of contemporary art; to italian fashion houses for the management of rights in images (especially in dealings with artist archives); to private and institutional clients for all international artworks shipments related issues (export/import, mostly in case of artworks loans to non-EU institutions).
Since 2006, PhD Assistant Professor (ricercatore universitario) at the Law Faculty of the University Sapienza of Rome. After a long experience as a scholar of History of Law, in the last years she has addressed her research towards Financial Market Law, with a special regard to the art market, luxury market, and related alternative investment funds.
Over the years, she taught art law and cultural heritage at Universities MA (at the IULM University in Milan, at Sole24Ore Business School, at the LUISS-Guido Carli Business School in Rome, at the University of Verona) and animated talks and workshops on art market and fashion market.
Furthermore, she taught Fashion Law at the Fashion Studies Institute of the University Sapienza of Rome (2012/2014).
In addition, Silvia has carried out studies and research at foreign Universities (scholarships at the University of Bielefeld, the University of Paris II and the University of Bonn).
She is the author of several publications on art market, art law and luxury markets, including Dizionario giuridico dell’arte (2018, second edition, enlarged and updated); Art funds e gestione collettiva del risparmio (2016); Le leggi della moda (2012); Gli NFT sono i nuovi tulipani (FCHub, 2021); Così la Brexit toglierà a Londra il titolo di regina dell’arte (newspaper Domani, 12/17/2020); Blockchain e smart contract. Perché il ruolo dell’ArTech è stato sopravvalutato (anche da chi scrive), (FCHub, 2020); Nuova finanza. Mi chiamo Art Bond, e la mia arma è il crowdfunding (FCHub, 2020); L’arte a garanzia di finanziamenti? (FCHub, 2020); Fintech e contratti di investimento (2019); Le forme di finanziamento all’economia reale: fondi di mini bond, fondi di credito e Sis (FCHub, 2019); I primi 110 dieci anni degli art funds: problemi e prospettive (Rivista bancaria, 2015).
She is a native Italian speaker and is fluent in English and French, and good in German.
Since years, she’s Member of Aldus Club (International Club of Bibliophily, Milan); OnFair Young Collectors (International Association of young Contemporary Art collectors); Art Jewelry Forum (Non Profit Organization that advocates for the field of Contemporary Art Jewelry). She is also Member of the Friends of Galleria Nazionale (National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art of Rome); Friends of Macro (Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome); Friends of MAXXI (National Museum of 21st century Arts of Rome). She is herself a restless collector: her collections go from rare and antique books, to the labels of rare and exceptional wines, to cutting edge contemporary art (including most recently contemporary art jewels), passing through her beloved iconic 2.55. Being herself an eager and devoted art addict, she visits incessantly the best-known art fairs, renowned galleries, museums, etc. to meet those who have an influence on the international art system in order to analyse and to capture new and innovating tendencies, inspirations and suggestions for her work and passions.

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