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Sally El Sawah

Sally El Sawah

  • Firm: El Sawah Law | Junction
  • Practice Area: International Litigation
  • Country: France
  • Email: [email protected]
  • 45, rue raffet,, Paris, 75016.

About Sally El Sawah

Areas of Expertise: administrative law, art & culture law, aviation, banking disputes, civil liability, civil procedure, commercial contracts, comparative law, conflict of laws, construction disputes, contracts, corporate & business law, cross-border disputes, defense industry, due diligence, energy, enforcement, environmental law, European law, expropriation – privatization, human rights, insurance, intellectual property, international commercial arbitration, international law, international organizations, international transactions, investment arbitration, investments, joint ventures, lease disputes, maritime law – shipping, medical disputes, mergers & acquisitions, minerals & metals, oil & gas, online dispute resolution, organizational strategy, pharmaceutical industry, private law, public law, public procurement, public – private partnerships, real estate, securities, sports, stock market disputes, succession disputes, technology, telecommunications, torts, tourism, trademarks, transport & logistics, urban planning – infrastructure, utilities
Languages: Arabic, English and French.
Education: Dr EL SAWAH holds BAs from Cairo and Sorbonne Universities and an LL.M and a PhD from the Sorbonne.
Professional Career: Dr EL SAWAH is a Qualified Lawyer in France & Egypt and a Registered European Lawyer in England and Wales, acting as Arbitrator, Counsel, Consultant and Legal Expert. She is the Founder of El Sawah Law | Cairo and Co-Founder and Head of Arbitration & Litigation of Junction | Paris. Prior to that, she was working as Senior Counsel in a leading arbitration law firm in Paris and later on in an International Law Firm in London where she was handling a wide range of interesting and complex international arbitration and litigation cases.
In addition to her arbitration experience, Dr El Sawah regularly advises and appears as Counsel before French and Egyptian Courts, in cases involving States, State Entities, State-owned companies, major multinational companies in the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia, in particular for the Enforcement and annulment proceedings of arbitral awards as well as Injunctions and Interim Relief.
Her leading book on State and International Organisations Immunities is “The Reference” for all the specialists on this question. She is the author of many academic articles on International arbitration and State immunities, and participates as a speaker and lecturer in international conferences and workshops.
Dr El Sawah is  Deputy Secretary General of the African Arbitration Association and the Editor of the Africa Construction Law Blog for the North African Region. She is the winner of the African Arbitration Association Awards for the   Young Arbitrator/ADR Practitioner of the Year 2020 and has been recognised by Chambers and Partners in their Global Guide 2022 for Expertise Based Abroad.

Q&A With Sally El Sawah


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