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Richard Mullot

Richard Mullot

  • Firm: Etude Mullot Avocat
  • Practice Area: Commercial
  • Country: Monaco
  • Email: [email protected]
  • "Le Saint-André" - Bloc C, 20, boulevard de Suisse, 98000 MONACO.

About Richard Mullot

Monsieur le Batonnier Richard MULLOT is the head of ETUDE MULLOT Law Firm practicing in MONACO in legal advisory matters and domestic or international litigation since 1994.
Richard MULLOT’s academic background is :
– Graduation with honours in International Business Law (DEA de droit des affaires) from the Institute of Business Law at the Aix-en-Provence University  – Université d’Aix-Marseille III.
– Master in Business Law at the University Aix-Marseille III.
– Licence in Business Law (mention : International Law) at the University Aix-Marseille III.
– Study dissertation theme :  “Contribution in company of intangible assets” under the direction of the Professor Jacques Mestre, Head of Aix-Marseille III Law University.
Richard MULLOT is also :
– Admitted to MONACO Bar since 1994 and practicing in MONACO with numerous specialized associates in his Firm.
– The former President of the MONACO Bar association and several times elected as a member of the MONACO Bar board.
– Member of the American Bar association,
– Member of the New-York State and New-York City Bar association,
– Member of the International Bar Association,
– Arbitrator for the National Arbitration and Mediation Center (NEW-YORK – USA),
– Member of the MONACO AMBI – MONACO/BRAZIL association.
Etude MULLOT Law Firm is often called « Boutique Law Firm » that have very close relationship with their clients and thus, identify perfectly their needs and fulfill all their expectations with excellence and confidentiality  Etude MULLOT is assisting on a daily basis domestic and international well-known clients with realism and effectiveness in all kind of legal areas, from advisory to complex litigations. Etude MULLOT is a part of a Global network created over the years with the best Law Firms in Europe, USA and many countries all over the world. Based on an old ans strong legal expertise and solid reputation  ETUDE MULLOT is very often requested and  dedicated to assist high profile clients in complex legal matters or international litigation, every-time MONACO Law strong experience and skills appear necessary.
Our preferred areas and skills are Business Law, Estate Law, Banking and finance Law, Real Estate Law, Construction Law, Insurance Law, Labor law, International Private Law, Criminal law, Transportation Law, Family Law and generally all matters related to Private Law. The Firm also handles some Public Law litigation and specific legal areas upon request.
The main languages handled at the Firm are French, English, Italian, Spanish, Chinese.

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