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Mohammad Al Ahmad

  • Firm: AlDhabaan & Partners in association with Eversheds Sutherland
  • Practice Area: Data Protection
  • Country: Saudi Arabia
  • Office 10-11, Home Offices Complex, Al Mathar Al Shamali, PO Box 12334, Riyadh.

About Mohammad Al Ahmad

Mohammad is a partner and head of the commercial practice in the Riyadh office.

Mohammad focuses his attention to providing legal consultancy work in the commercial field, as he provides his consultancy work to major international companies in technology, media and communications, and worked on many tasks that included topics such as, streaming, virtual advertising, protection of personal data, cloud computing, data centers, internet of things and cybersecurity.

Mohammed has extensive experience in providing legal advice for privatization projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where he leads a legal team that provides integrated legal support for the procurement process of six (6) projects based on two different models of public-private partnership models. Mohammed and the legal advisory team in cooperation with the work teams – formed according to the rules of work of the supervisory committees – prepared documents for qualification submissions’ requests, documents for proposals’ requests, draft contracts and agreements related to the public-private partnership model, and had a discussion before their approval and preparation for their issuance, and provided the answers and support to the inquiries of applicants with the legal documents on each of them, examining and evaluating the submitted qualifications data, preparing the shortlist, and sorting the competitors according to the compliance criterion. He has worked with the legal advisory team, in cooperation with the work teams formed according to the rules of work of the supervisory committees, provided legal support to the owners in their communication with stakeholders from different parties (the Cabinet, the Council of Economic and Development Affairs, the Supervisory Committee, the National Center for Privatization, the Spending Efficiency Authority and government projects, the Ministry of Interior, the Royal Commission for Riyadh City … etc.) and contributed to identifying obstacles, regulatory restrictions, exceptions and the necessary regulatory innovations.

Furthermore, Mohammad has also led teams of legal advisors to provide legal advice on projects related to international conventions and protocols, and to draft regulations in multiple fields including aviation, technology, and space communications.

Q&A With Mohammad Al Ahmad


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