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Liubov Voitsekhovska

Liubov Voitsekhovska

  • Firm: Taxus L&F Ltd
  • Practice Area: International IT & E-Commerce Business Advisory
  • Country: England, United Kingdom
  • Email: 
  • 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ.

About Liubov Voitsekhovska

Our team has many years of experience in legal supervising of businesses in different spheres.
We will be highly honoured to help you grow your business.
The reasons to work with us:
  • Extensive experience in company incorporation, legal research, reviewing and drafting agreements, T&C, policies and other legal documents
  • Good relations with a wide range of banks and electronic money institutions
  • Experience in working for large corporations with short deadlines
  • Easy to communicate with, highly motivated team, attentive to the details, patient
Global Company Registration and Maintenance
We advise our clients on company incorporation issues for a wide range of countries worldwide. We will help you to organize a good start of your business or expand the territorial boundaries and economic limits of an existing one.
We not just register a company for you, but also provide support on creating and maintaining business substance, annual maintenance, accounting and audit.
Legal Consulting
We practice individual approach to corporate structuring, business reorganization and legal tax optimization strategies.
We have an experience of working out optimal business models for many business types and are always enthusiastic on new challenges.
Banking Solutions
We assist our clients with opening corporate bank accounts in a wide range of banks all over the world. The range of options and our fees will depend on the country, Client nationality and business activity.
We are focused on the result which is the long term and continuous operation of your business bank accounts.
Contracts Review and Drafting
No company may operate without paperwork for different aspects: shareholder relationships, cooperation with partners and service providers, hiring people and so on.
Even small typos and missing details may lead to serious consequences that’s why we pay so much attention and care to the document we draft and review.

Q&A With Liubov Voitsekhovska


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