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Liliana Bakayoko

About Liliana Bakayoko

Liliana Bakayoko is an Attorney at Law at the Paris and Sofia Bars, a Doctor of Law and a former Professor of Law.

She has 20 years of experience as a lawyer and ten years of experience teaching law.

She has been chosen as the International Business Lawyer of the Year in France — 2024 under the Global Law Experts Annual Awards. She has been named Leading International Business Lawyer of the Year — Paris under Acquisition International’s Leading Adviser Awards 2023. Advisory Excellence has endorsed her as France’s exclusively recommended International Business Law expert for 2024.

She has valuable know-how in cross-border transactions and business-government relations.

She is a Consultant in International Investment, Government Relations, and Business Development for a major U.S. company that provides corporate and government clients with expert-led, technology-driven risk management solutions.

She has also built solid experience in information technology law (cyberlaw). She has significantly increased her knowledge in this field while advising one of the world’s leading information technology companies.

Liliana Bakayoko’s law firm provides legal services mainly in business law, IT law, intellectual property law, corporate law and international private law.

As entrepreneurship is a multifaceted activity, the law firm addresses your concerns related to the following areas:

  • the conclusion and execution of contracts relating to your business;
  • the protection of your digital activities;
  • the protection of your intellectual property rights (trademark and patent registrations, literary and artistic property);
  • the internationalization of your business;
  • the choice and reorganization of your professional entities (sole trader or companies);
  • amicable dispute resolution;
  • representation before courts and arbitral tribunals.

The law firm provides services that are well-suited to the needs of its clients by offering optimal and efficient legal solutions.


  • International Business Lawyer of the Year in France — 2024 – the Global Law Experts Annual Awards.
  • Leading International Business Lawyer of the Year — Paris – Acquisition International’s Leading Adviser Awards 2023.

“Liliana Bakayoko: A visionary of international business law and digitalization

Highly qualified in international business law, Liliana Bakayoko has built solid experience as a lawyer, teacher and consultant. Her exemplary career and ability to adapt to the digitalization of the legal sector make her a key figure in this field.” – FORBES.

Q&A With Liliana Bakayoko


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