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Kent S. Jackson

  • Firm: Jetlaw
  • Practice Area: Aviation
  • Country: District of Columbia, USA
  • 1350 Connecticut Avenue NW, Suite 1102, Washington DC, 20036

About Kent S. Jackson

Kent S. Jackson is founder and managing partner of the firm. He has built a national and international reputation for excellence in aviation law, with a focus on structuring complex aircraft transactions and providing a broad range of aviation business and regulatory advice. Kent assists clients in establishing appropriate operating structures for Part 91, Part 135, Part 375, Part 380 and complex hybrid operations. He has assisted clients in obtaining Part 135, Part 125 and Part 380 authority. He has represented companies and individuals in DOT, CBP and FAA enforcement proceedings and IRS tax audits. Kent’s clients include airports, corporate jet owners, lessors, investment banks, manufacturers, and government agencies.

Kent frequently speaks on behalf of the National Business Aviation Association, the National Air Transportation Association, Jeppesen and other aviation groups. He is past Chairman of the National Business Aviation Association’s Tax Committee and past Chairman of the NBAA Regulatory Issues Advisory Group and a past member of the NBAA Associate Member Advisory Council. Kent was also a principal participant on the FAA’s Fractional Ownership Aviation Rulemaking Committee and the Part 125/135 Aviation Rulemaking Committee. He is the Industry Chairman of the FAA’s Part 135 Rest and Duty Aviation Rulemaking Committee.

As a type-rated airline transport pilot, flight instructor, and repairman, Kent has flight experience in Part 91 and Part 135 operations. In addition, he owned Blue Feather Charter, LLC, an air carrier operating on-demand flights under FAR Part 135. Kent is admitted to practice law in the District of Columbia, Kansas, Missouri and New York.


Since 1993, Jackson has authored or co-authored all editions of Jetlaw Explained®. The books illustrate and explain the policies behind the Federal Aviation Regulations, including explanations of specific situations. The books reference a variety of sources, including FAA Advisory Circulars, the Federal Register, the Aeronautical Information Manual, NTSB Decisions and FAA Legal Interpretations. Editions of Jetlaw Explained include:

  • The Pilot’s Edition, including Parts 1, 61, 91, 141 and NTSB 830
  • The Charter Edition, including Parts 1, 119 and 135
  • The Maintenance Edition, including Parts 1, 21, 43, 65, 145 and 147
  • The Airport Edition, including Parts 16, 17, 77, 139, 150, 155 – 158, 161, 169 and the Airport Improvement Program

Since 1998, Jackson has written the legal column for Business & Commercial Aviation magazine. He has written for Jeppesen’s CFI Renewal Program, the Lawyer-Pilot’s Bar Association Journal, Flight Training magazine, Inside Air Charter and the Journal of Business Aviation Management. He has been quoted in Aviation International News, Flying and USA Today.


Kent Jackson received his B.A. with Distinction and Departmental Honors in English and his J.D. from the University of Kansas.

Industry Appointments

FAA Part 135 Rest and Duty Aviation Rulemaking Committee, Industry Chairman
National Business Aviation Association Tax Committee, Founding Chairman
National Business Aviation Association Regulatory Issues Advisory Group, Founding Chairman

Professional Affiliations

National Business Aviation Association
National Air Transportation Association
Experimental Aircraft Association
Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association

Q&A With Kent S. Jackson


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