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Kenneth M. Krys

Kenneth M. Krys

  • Firm: KRyS Global
  • Practice Area: White Collar Crime
  • Country: Cayman Islands
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Governors Square | Building 3 | Ground Floor, 23 Lime Tree Bay Avenue, PO Box 31237 | Grand Cayman | KY1-1205.

About Kenneth M. Krys

A trailblazer in the world of insolvencies and fraud investigations, Ken has successfully chased and recovered in excess of three billion dollars for victims of white collar crime.  His diverse experience, including a stint as the head of enforcement for the local financial services regulator, gives him a unique perspective in pursuing assets and untangling the web that can arise from complex offshore structures and limited information. His efforts have resulted in many precedents and new case law in the areas of cross-border recognition, asset recovery and international litigation. Recognition of his dedication and promotion of these fields are denoted by his membership in International Insolvency Institute (III), designation as Cayman’s exclusive insolvency expert for Legal’s Finest, and his annual invitation from the NYU School of Law to speak as a Guest Lecturer.
  • Ken has renewed my faith in insolvency practitioners.  He took a dire situation and gave us a return that I would have thought impossible.
  • An innovator… he’s the one professional who can shake something out of the trees when all else have failed.
  • When it comes to understanding what is possible and what is simply throwing good money after bad, you won’t find another person with greater foresight and understanding of the prospects of success.

Recent Case Study Involvement

  • A Montserrat Tobacco Manufacturing Company – Regulatory Appointments & Inspection
  • A Trust Company – On-Site Inspection – Regulatory Appointments & Inspection
  • Cayman General Insurance Co. Ltd. et al v. Crawford Adjusters (Cayman) Limited et al – Business Valuations & Damages Quantification
  • China Medical – Joint Appointments
  • China Medical – eDiscovery Services
  • China Medical – Fraud Investigation & Asset Recovery
  • Citrico – Distressed Asset Sales
  • Citrico – Protective Measures
  • Duet – Restructuring & Transition
  • Dyoll – Joint Appointments
  • Eldon – Fraud Investigation & Asset Recovery
  • Fairfield – Protective Measures
  • Fairfield – eDiscovery Services
  • Fairfield – Fraud Investigation & Asset Recovery
  • Fairfield – Foreign Recognition
  • Flaming Sun – Distressed Asset Sales
  • Her Majesty’s Attorney General v. A Defendant – Forensic Accounting
  • Her Majesty’s Attorney General v. Manning – Forensic Accounting
  • MMIP – Creditor Issues & Ranking
  • NOMC – Creditor Issues & Ranking
  • Office of the Complaints Commissioner – eDiscovery Services
  • Project Apocalypse – Forensic Technology Services
  • Project Bagpipes – Regulatory Appointments & Inspection
  • Project Baur – Regulatory Appointments & Inspection
  • Project Highlands – Business Valuations & Damages Quantification
  • Project Jetway – Regulatory Appointments & Inspection
  • SPhinX – Foreign Recognition
  • SPhinX – Creditor Issues & Ranking
  • Sextant – Foreign Recognition
  • Sextant – International Protocols
  • Speedcar – Distressed Asset Sales
  • The Debtors – Protective Measures
  • VDP – Distressed Asset Sales
  • VDP – Restructuring & Transition
  • Valgardson v. Chestnut – Personal Injury

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