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Humphrey Schurman

Humphrey Schurman

  • Firm: Schurman Advocaten N.V.
  • Practice Area: Intellectual Property
  • Country: Suriname
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Watermolenstraat 32,, PO Box 2942,, Paramaribo.

About Humphrey Schurman

Schurman Advocaten N.V. was founded on June 18, 1988 by Humphrey Schurman and has over the years grown into a modern professional office for legal advice, debt collection and registration and administration of Intellectual Property rights. The company is firmly rooted in the Surinamese society and provides shelter to anyone who is looking for justice and protection. Schurman Advocaten N.V. guarantees its clients an excellent service with an increasing use of new technology.
Due to the broad experience and expertise Schurman Advocaten N.V. offers professional assistance in many jurisdictions. You will receive  professional and result-oriented guidance in a variety of legal problems. Our main task is to assist and represent you  as your legal aid. We do so in the conviction that all people are born free and equal in rights and that these rights must be respected.
The debt collection agency ensures that debts will be paid. The terms of payment are established in consultation with the client and the collection is done in a correct and professional way.
Schurman Advocaten N.V. is a client-centered office, therefore you can be sure of a dedicated and professional treatment. We always try to settle matters out of court by expert’s advice, mediation and/or professional negotiations with the coun¬ter¬part. You can also contact us for extrajudicial collection of your payable financial claims. Swiftly and effectively your claims will be collected.
As an effective approach so requires, we litigate for you and plead your case in court. Every case receives the attention that is needed to achieve the best results. You may be assured that your case is handled in a discrete way and you can trust us  with the information you submitted to us. In addition, we do everything possible to translate the complexity of legislation and jurisprudence so that  you as our client understands what is going on.
Although Suriname does not yet have legislation to protect patent rights, Schurman Advocaten offers patent holders the opportunity to publish a description of their patent in the Government Gazette, local newspapers and Schurman Advocaten’s website.
This offer by Schurman Advocaten is valid until the relevant legislation is in place in Suriname. This is expected to take effect before the end of 2023.

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