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Hagen Hild

Hagen Hild

  • Firm: Anwaltskanzlei Hild & Kollegen
  • Practice Area: Information Technology
  • Country: Germany
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Konrad-Adenauer-Allee 55, Augsburg, 86150.

About Hagen Hild

Attorney Hild is the owner of Anwaltskanzlei Hild & Kollegen, which was founded in 2001.
Attorney Hild was one of the first specialist attorneys for IT law and specialist attorneys for intellectual property law in Germany and has held the titles of specialist attorney (Fachanwalt) since 2008.#
When Attorney Hild founded the then law firm Hagen Hild in 2001, it was not foreseeable that this would develop into one of the most specialized law firms in the field of Internet law / IT law and commercial legal protection in Germany.
As early as 2001, Attorney Hild was one of the first lawyers to recognize the legal importance of the Internet and its problems for companies and consumers. At the time, many smiled at the consistent focus on the field of Internet law, which was still a novelty at the time and was not offered by almost any law firm nationwide.
Attorney Hild has consistently focused his practice and the practice of the law firm exclusively on related and interrelated areas of law. The expertise of IT law and intellectual property benefits clients in a special way.
Founded as a single law firm without a single client, the law firm quickly and purposefully developed into a boutique in Internet law / IT law, intellectual property and media law through specialization.
Legal Memberships
  • Working Group Intellectual Property & Media in the DAV [AGEM]
  • akit – Bayreuth Working Group for Information Technology – New Media – Law e.V. [AKIT]
  • Working Group on Information Technology of the German Lawyers’ Association [DAVIT]
  • Augsburg Lawyers Association [AAV]
  • German Society for Law and Informatics [DGRI]
  • German Lawyers Association [DAV]
  • German Lawyers’ Association – Working Group on Intellectual Property [DAV]
  • Forum Young Lawyers [Forum]
  • GRUR – German Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property and Copyright [GRUR]
Attorney and specialist attorney Hild is a much sought-after specialist in the field of Internet law / IT law, intellectual property and media law.
Attorney Hild has received numerous awards in the fields of IT law, intellectual property and media law.#
For more than 20 years he has been proving his expertise in interviews. In the meantime, several hundred publications of interviews have appeared in over a hundred different print media, radio and television and online editors.
Kanzlei.biz is one of the most sought-after law firms in the field of IT law, intellectual property law and media law and only a few law firms nationwide can doubtlessly look back on such a media presence.

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