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Guillermo F. Manning Martínez

Guillermo F. Manning Martínez

  • Firm: RDA Rodríguez Dávalos Abogados
  • Practice Area: Rights of Way Projects
  • Country: Mexico
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Monte Himalaya 450, Lomas de Chapultepec, México, DF 11000.

About Guillermo F. Manning Martínez

– Escuela Libre de Derecho, Law Degree (1978-1983).
– Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico, Private Law postgraduate studies (1987).
Professional Experience
Rodríguez Dávalos Abogados (Consultores en Energía RDA, S.C.)
His expertise is mainly focused on litigation matters, land acquisition and rights of way.
Rights of way: legal counsel and expert on the matter. He designs strategy for land acquisition and rights of way. Preparation of contracts -easements, usufructs, surface occupation and other related matters. He manages as well the defense of rights of way, filing lawsuits; legal actions and recourses aimed to maintain or keep rights of way, rights of way regularization.
Negotiating and obtaining the necessary rights of way for achievement natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas pipeline and petrochemicals projects.
Advice on land law, preparation of contracts related to the subject (surface occupation rights, leases, Rights of way).
Civil, commercial, corporate litigation, and amparo. Filing and follow-up lawsuits, claims and counterclaims, monitoring the enforcement of awards (disputes related to distribution, transport and storage of natural gas contracts).
Administrative litigation. Preparation and follow-up of federal and local administrative claims. Filing judicial procedures (federal administrative). Preparation and processing of amparo actions in administrative matters (recourses and protections before the Regulatory Energy Commission (CRE for its acronym in Spanish) and other federal authorities).
Preparation of contracts related to the energy sector particularly in relation to the transportation, storage and distribution of hydrocarbons.
Contract drafting and contract negotiation of purchases, leases, rights-of-way, and in general related to the transfer of all kinds of assets required for the development of the energy sector projects.
Consultancy services in the energy law field, implementation of gas, electricity and petrochemical projects.
Relevant Projects
Obtaining the transportation permit (before the CRE) for the natural gas transportation pipeline of Frontera-Monterrey project, legal strategy, counseling and legal review of the rights of way; preparation and negotiation of contracts for easements; legal advice in relation to interconnection agreement; legal advice and negotiating contracts with Pemex; as well as filing and obtaining the intersection authorization before the “Comisión Internacional de Límites y Aguas”; and with the International Boundary and Water Commission, legal counsel in relation to the Presidential Permit granted through the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Preparation and execution of customs strategy for the project development. (CILA and the IBWA and the presidential permit before the FERC for the Frontera-Monterrey Pipeline Project).
First private petrochemical transportation pipeline: participation in the team that prepared legal viability of project. He prepared legal strategy for land acquisition and rights of way. He participated in the development of real estate rights acquisition program. He prepared a contract catalogue for the acquisition of rights of way. He participated in the weekly progress evaluation program to monitor the acquisition of rights of way. He supported the negotiation and acquisition of real estate rights. He collaborated in communal land or ejido assemblies to obtain authorization of rights of way. He was involved in the processing and follow-up in land tenure regularization trials that allow obtaining a legal title in the acquisition of real estate rights. He gave legal advice and support in negotiations of real estate rights acquisition.
Tepeji Gas Storage Plant: design of the legal strategy. Prepared documents and contracts signed between privates in connection to property rights acquisition. Participation in the team that obtained relevant permits. Coordination with notaries and the Public Registry of Property for completing purchase transactions. Preparation of opinions related to federal, local and municipal administrative procedures.
Zapotlanejo, Jalisco LP Gas Storage Plant: review of various contracts for the acquisition of real estate rights, coordination with the notary to complete transactions. Processing and follow-up of judicial processes where contracting persons in possession of land, acquired proper legal title, to conclude rights of way contracts. He handled civil and criminal defense in matters that occurred during the development of the project. Preparation of opinions related to federal, local and municipal administrative procedures.

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