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Dipesh Dosani

Dipesh Dosani

  • Firm: Lincoln & Rowe
  • Practice Area: Commercial
  • Country: England, United Kingdom
  • Email: [email protected]
  • 81 Chancery Lane, London, WC2A 1DD.

About Dipesh Dosani

Prior to founding Lincoln & Rowe, Dipesh has been a partner in two prominent West End London Law firms, heading the commercial litigation and insolvency departments. Dipesh has proudly been awarded the ACQ5 Award 2019, 2020 and 2022 for Commercial Litigation Lawyer of the Year and his specialist areas include commercial litigation, property litigation and insolvency litigation.
Dipesh advises clients on a wide range of commercial disputes including breach of contract, directors’ disputes, shareholder remedies, partnership issues, professional negligence and intellectual property. He is also able to provide clients with advice on all aspects of insolvency as well as investigations including misfeasance, transactions at undervalue, preferences, transactions to defraud creditors, wrongful trading and fraudulent trading.
Dipesh’s recent cases include:-
  • Acting on behalf of 3 defendants to defend a claim against them in excess of £55 million for fraudulent misrepresentation in respect of a company sale. The defendants were alleged to have deceitfully implemented measures to increase the sale price by over £50 million. Dipesh successfully negotiated a settlement to conclude the case and avoid the substantial costs of 14 day hearing in the High Court.
  • Acting on behalf of a former company director to defend a claim by liquidators in excess of £20 million for a purported breach of director’s fiduciary duty, conspiracy, transaction at an undervalue, wrongful trading and misrepresentation.
  • Acting on behalf of a company based in Dubai in the High Court and Court of Appeal to defend a claim for breach for services provided in Pakistan and making a counterclaim for damages in excess of USD$55 million.
  • Acting on behalf of a company in a fraud claim against its former agent and upon discovery that the agent was attempting to sell his property and dissipate his assets, Dipesh promptly and successfully obtained a freezing order against the agent which resulted in the company being repaid in full with costs and interest.
  • Acting on behalf of a trustee in bankruptcy to set aside a declaration of trust entered into to defraud creditors 9 years before the date of bankruptcy.
  • Acting on behalf of a creditor contemplating winding up proceedings against a company where there was a particular concern as to the risk of dissipation of assets. Dipesh made an application to court for the appointment of a provisional liquidator to preserve assets and successfully obtained the order.

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