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Denise Bonnaig

Denise Bonnaig

  • Firm: Bonnaig & Associates, LLC
  • Practice Area: Employment
  • Country: New York, USA
  • Email: [email protected]
  • 25 Murray Street,, New York,, NY 10007.

About Denise Bonnaig

Denise K. Bonnaig, Esq. is the founding member of Bonnaig & Associates, LLC a premier litigation boutique, that inspite of being a small firm, provides the service that large firms are reputed for.
Ms. Bonnaig, who has more than 25 years litigation experience, as well as extensive experience in alternative dispute resolution, is admitted to the New York and Connecticut bars, the U. S. District Courts, Southern and Eastern Districts of New York, and the Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit and Third Circuit.
Ms. Bonnaig received her Masters of Comparative Jurisprudence (MCJ) from New York University School of Law. Prior to that, she was educated in Le Mans and in Paris, France, where she earned the degree “Maitrise Droit Prive” (Master of Laws) from Maine University Law School, and a “DEA Droit Prive” from the University of Paris II.
For approximately seven years, Ms. Bonnaig was a Senior Litigation Associate at Stevens Hinds & White. She founded the law firm of Bonnaig & Thomas in 1994, and continued her practice by founding the Law Offices of Denise K. Bonnaig, (now Bonnaig & Associates, LLC) in 1998.
Vindicating your rights is HER business. Ms. Bonnaig will resolve your problems with her trademark drive, not to mention the expertise, tenacity and passion she brings to her craft.
Over the years, her clients have expressed their praise and gratitude for Ms. Bonnaig and her firm, as follows:
-“Winning decidedly against a very powerful corporate law firm most lawyers could not have the courage to challenge…and for her concern for truth and human dignity…” -“She is passionate, and relentless in her devotion to her clients.. What an elegant, brilliant, attorney in court!”
-“Ms. Bonnaig is the last line in the sand in preservation of a civil work culture and anyone who feels wronged by an employer would be wise to seek her counsel.”
-“Ms. Bonnaig understood my issues, being a woman of color herself. This factor, combined with her being a professional, enabled her to represent me well, and gave me a lot of confidence in her. She got my former employer to bend in ways that they otherwise would not have!”
-“Denise Bonnaig has saved my job two times. She was the first and only lawyer I consulted with about my job situation. After I consulted her, I did not feel I needed to go to anyone else, because I felt comfortable with her, and trusted her skills.”
-“She values all of her clients as if they are kings.”
-“I regard the firm as having the highest level of competence and knowledge of the types of law they are dealing with. I would certainly recommend them very highly to anyone seeking counsel on issues of employment law, civil rights, immigration issues, or sexual harassment.”
-“My case was a very difficult one because my family had fall out of status for over a year. However, Denise K. Bonnaig and their team accepted the case and obtain a satisfactory result from the INS in a matter of weeks. I believe Ms. Bonnaig can be successful even in cases where other immigration lawyers would either not take the case or fail to achieve results.”
-“If you choose to have Bonnaig & Associates, LLC represent you, then welcome to a family of satisfied former clients of which I am a part. I even thought of leaving America when I was wronged by my former employer, but Denise counseled and encouraged me to stand up for my rights and assured me Bonnaig & Associates, LLC would take care of all my legal affairs.”
Ms. Bonnaig is a member of NELA and AILA.
When she’s not busy with her bustling law practice, Ms. Bonnaig indulges her passion for yoga. She is a 500 hour Certified Baptiste Yoga Instructor, she has an E-RYT 500 hour certification from Yoga Alliance, and is a NYU certified Executive & Life Coach. She conducts workshops to help transcend limitations, transform wounds into love, power, forgiveness & gratitude. She leads yoga retreats nationally and internationally.

Q&A With Denise Bonnaig


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