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Daphne Siopi

Daphne Siopi

  • Firm: Daphne I. Siopi and Associates
  • Practice Area: Immigration
  • Country: Greece
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Τσιμισκή 52, Thessaloniki,, P.C 54622.

About Daphne Siopi

Daphne Siopi is a lawyer in Thessaloniki enlisted in Thessaloniki Law Association since 2013. He graduated from the Law School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with the grade of “Excellent” (8.70 / 10). Immediately after, he was introduced at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Graduate Program, where postgraduate studies in the field of “Civil, Civil Procedural and Labour Law”, which she completed with a grade of “Excellent” (9.67 / 10). Following the completion of postgraduate studies Daphne was accepted by the General Assembly of the Law School of the Aristotle University as a PhD student and currently a PhD candidate in the field of “Civil Procedural Law”, on “The limits of private autonomy to forced execution against the CCP “.
Daphne has worked with major law firms and offices in Thessaloniki and Athens, having handled various cases mainly related to civil and commercial law. From 2015 carries individual active practice, dealing in particular with civil, commercial and administrative law. The main areas engaging in relating to family (example: divorce, alimony, child custody, adoption), contractual (such as: differences in contracts and tort – traffic accidents and medical malpractice) rem (for example: land register – real estate surveys), banking (oppositions against payment orders and indebted households, from Swiss franc loans) and employment law (differences from invalid termination of work contract, claiming accrued earnings, accidents). At the same time, she writes in prestigious law journals, having published the following studies and annotations judgments:
  • Issues of self imposing garnishment potential contribution payment order in the valuation of the new provision of article 724 CCP, 2015. Arm 2021.
  • Procedure and seizure results in bank hands as third in ND of July 17 / August 13, 1923 “relating to special provisions for joint stock companies”. Constitutionality of the regulation that requires permission of the President First Instance for taking the sum seized by the lender in the event of an affirmative statement of the bank (Remarks on BP 1996/2014) EEmpD 2015. 885.
  • The investor as a consumer based on law no. 2251/1994 and Regulation 44/2001 ‘to a new definition of the concept of consumer (Observations in PPrPatr 244/2015) EEmpD 2015. 824.
  • Unilateral imposition of contractual terms in power supply contract and abuse of economic dependence relationship (Observations in PPrAth 3863/2014) EEmpD 2015. 730.
  • Account overdraft contract. Defence sued the guarantor to pay the residue after closing the account in particular the possibility of exempting the guarantor through promotion liberalization objection under Art. 862 AK (Remarks on BP 1886/2014) EEmpD 2015. 328.
  • Default contractor in works execution contract to ship. The rights of the employer and Conditions for their exercise in particular the relationship between withdrawal and Compensation (Observations in EfPeir 584/2014) EEmpD 2015. 400.
  • Delimitation of the scope of Regulation 44/2001 and 1346/2000 as to the jurisdiction in poor company liquidator action against a foreign company seeking payment of debt (Notes to the WEU 4.9.2014, C-157/13, Nickel & Goeldner Spedition GembH at Kintra UAB), EEmpD 2015. 157.
  • Open account. Entry requirement of credit strength of a current account. Conditions and consequences (Observations in EfPeir 401/2014) EEmpD 2014. 848.
  • Contracts of members of the board limited company directors and their relatives with the company. validity conditions (Comments on BP 871/2014) EEmpD 2014. 853.
  • Legal relationship between a public limited company and its shareholders. entitled to compensation in case of tort committed by members of the board of a public limited company, ap’tin which harmed the company (Observations in EfATh 877/2014) EEmpD 2014. 865.
  • The protection of the patient contracting by Regulation 1215/2012 (Brussels I-bis), Pro Justitia, electronic magazine Legal Aristotle University.
  • The error in the guarantee contract, EfAD 2013. 476 et seq.

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