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Christopher Kirathe

Christopher Kirathe

  • Firm: EY Kenya LLP
  • Practice Area: Tax Advisory
  • Country: Kenya
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Kenya Re Towers, Off Ragati Road, Nairobi 00100.

About Christopher Kirathe

Christopher is a Partner with EY Kenya LLP. He leads the EY East Africa team specialising in M&A and cross-border Tax advisory, as well as EY Law advisory on various business laws. He also leads EY Kenya Financial Sector tax services.
Based out of EY Nairobi office, Christopher has 20 years of tax advisory experience and has developed extensive experience in all areas of taxation. He also has two and half years of financial audit experience. With a LLB from the University of London, BA in Economics and MBA in Finance from the University of Nairobi, as well as CPA (Kenya), Christopher is able to provide all round robust business advice.
Christopher has served multi-national corporates, private equity, venture capitalists and infrastructure funds, in diversified sectors and countries in Eastern Africa, being Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Eritrea and Djibouti. He has provided numerous inbound and outbound M&A tax advisory, deal generation, legal and operations tax structuring, due diligence reviews, financial model reviews, and negotiation support and review of legal documentation. He is part of the team that won East African Venture Capital Association’s Financial advisor of the Year 2019.
He has also assisted many clients in resolving various tax disputes with the tax authorities and other regulatory authorities. In the process, he has won various market precedent-setting tax disputes in the financial services sector and in application of Double Tax Agreements in Kenya.
He is also involved in advocacy and development of Kenyan tax laws. He leads the EY team in submissions and engaging Parliament and Treasury on Budget/Fiscal laws changes. In addition, he engages the KRA on tax administration improvements as well as Tax rulings for clients.
He is a regular contributor towards tax education by publishing tax thought leadership media material as well as trainer in various market and EY internal forums.

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