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Ana Kolarević

Ana Kolarević

  • Firm: Law Office Ana Kolarević
  • Practice Area: Administrative
  • Country: Montenegro
  • Bul. Sv. Petra Cetinjskog 149, Podgorica, Montenegro, 81 000.

About Ana Kolarević

Law office Ana Kolarevic was established with the vision of providing the best solution possible to its clients. Legal expert Ana Kolarevic has represented the interest of leading foreign investors in Montenegro for some time. The list of her clients extends to more than 80 percent of foreign companies and individuals who’ve started business and investment in Montenegro. The high proportion of businesses relying in her judgment stems from the fact that there are few lawyers as experienced as Kolarevic in this fast-changing part of Europe.#
Kolarevic specializes in all types of corporate and commercial law, not to mention civil and administrative transactions.#
Her office has an excellent team of external collaborators who are experts in finance, taxing, architecture and land surveying, to name but a few specialties. But Kolarevic’s essential unique selling point has to be her experience in operating inside a country where few outsiders are naturally confident.#
“I think my clients appreciate the security I give them. They always know how they stand and always have reliable, impartial information on the basis of which they may assess their risk. These are necessary ingredients to prepare decision.”#
The Kolarevic advantage:#
-court representation and production of constitutional documents and drafting internal corporate contracts;#
-organizing shareholder meetings and supplying advice regarding the application of the Companies Act#
-Assisting in entering into funding agreements and preparing related security#
-organizing share purchase procedures#
-legal assistance in labor relations, including obtaining of work and residence permits for non-residence;#
-preparation of contracts required for operation of business organization including privatization and due diligence, and#
-transactions and activities related to urban planning and development.#
The foundation of my Law Office are firm. They lie in my extensive experience in judiciary, my knowledge, professionalism and the need for justice. #
For its contribution in the field of law practice, Ana Kolarevic was awarded The New Economy Legal Award for Best Business Lawyer in Montenegro for 2009 and the World Finance Legal Award for Best Lawyer in Montenegro for 2010 and 2011, while her office was awarded the World Finance Legal Award for Best Corporate and Commercial Firm in 2011.#
Ana Kolarevic and her well organized team of young professionals, lawyers and associates work according to the principle of one-day-at-a-time on the issues that are within their field of competences. Mrs. Kolarevic and her team of young professionals offer clients the confidence and certainty of experience combined with the energy and tenacity of youth.

Q&A With Ana Kolarević


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