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Amos Ho Chern Wey

Amos Ho Chern Wey

  • Firm: Amos Ho, Sew & Kiew
  • Practice Area: Dispute Resolution
  • Country: Malaysia
  • Email: [email protected]
  • D-5-7, Megan Avenue 1, No.189,, Jalan Tun Razak, 50400, Kuala Lumpur.

About Amos Ho Chern Wey

Amos is the head of dispute resolution division of Amos Ho, Sew & Kiew. Amos is practicing in a broad range of areas with a particular emphasis on civil and commercial law.
He has conducted cases as lead counsel in all tiers of Malaysian courts, including the Federal Court, Court of Appeal and High Court.
Amos is an accomplished barrister with excellent track record and mastery of courtcraft. His clients described him as “extremely clever and knowledgeable (Legal 500)” who has “a razor sharp mind and able to respond to legal questions at lightning speed (Legal 500)” and “a talented advocate who is able to quickly identify the essential legal issues from complex factual scenario and provide advice and suggestions that accords with business and commercial sense (Legal 500)”. He is a lawyer that you will need by your side “when the stakes are high (Legal 500)”.
Apart from his main practice as a litigation lawyer, he acts as legal adviser of public listed companies.
Amos’ clientele includes former cabinet minister, public listed companies, development companies, manufacturers,  auditors, accountants and lawyers.
Under his stewardship, the dispute resolution of the firm has been recognised by The Legal 500 Asia Pacific (2022 edition) as “the best up and coming dispute resolution firm” in the category of Firms to Watch (Dispute Resolution).
Amos is a recommended lawyer in leading independent legal directory.
The Legal 500 Asia Pacific
Trial & Advocacy
“Amos is highly intelligent and confident, you can pit him against the most senior of lawyers in the industry and he still able to come out on top. (Legal 500 (2022))”
“In Court, he is respectful to the judges and he is able captivate his listener quickly when delivering his speech (Legal 500 (2022))”
“Amos has excellent control and composure in court rooms. His arguments in courts are well researched, persuasive and tend to make lasting impression on the judges (Legal 500 (2022))”
“In court, Amos is a fearsome cross-examiner who is able to drive witnesses to provide answers favorable to our case. It is an exhilarating experience watching him delivering his advocacy in trials and hearings (Legal 500 (2022))”
“Amos is a very effective cross-examiner. He is a great strategist who is capable of foreseeing the responses from witnesses under cross-examination (Legal 500 (2022))”
Manufacturing industry
“Amos Ho knows the manufacturing industry inside out. He is the go-to lawyer for anything relating to the manufacturing industry (Legal 500 (2022))”
Town Planning & Development
“Amos Ho has in-depth knowledge of the laws relating to town planning and property development. He is always well prepared in the cases he handles for us, and he is a very skilful cross examiner (Legal 500 (2022))”
Commercial Disputes
“Amos Ho is a highly gifted lawyer. He is smart and passionate, he will take extra effort to ensure that you understand all the legal issues at hand. He is very professional in his approach (Legal 500 (2022))”
“A talented advocate who is able to quickly identify the essential legal issues from complex factual scenario and provide advice and suggestions that accords with business and commercial sense (Legal 500 (2022))”
Tort & Professional Negligence
“Amos will fight tooth and nail when representing his clients in court. He is an unrelenting analyst who thinks things through and perform intellectual surgery until he cuts to the bottom line. In terms of preparation, he is always many steps ahead of his opponents. You will need him when the stakes are high. (Legal 500 (2022))”
“He is extremely hardworking and never shied away from complicated briefs. Amos is attentive to all details in the cases he handles, he is tactical in his approach and would seek out the outcomes which are favorable to clients which often times exceed the clients’ expectation (Legal 500 (2022))”
Credit Community & Finance
“Amos Ho is a lawyer that understands the need of credit community. He is extremely hardworking and able to work within the short time window given to him (Legal 500 (2022))”
“Amos is our lawyer to go to when we have legal issues relating to financial services. Amos has all the answers to our queries and able to meet all our expectation (Legal 500 (2022))“
Employment law
“He is very hardworking lawyer with strong work ethic, we feel a strong sense of reassurance when working together with him for he is always equally as enthusiastic as us in upholding our rights in courts (Legal 500 (2022))”
  • English
  • Mandarin
  • Hokkien
  • Malay
  • LLB. (Hons) University of London
  • Certificate in Legal Practice

Q&A With Amos Ho Chern Wey


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