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Mehmet  Akif Aydın

Ali Aydın

  • Firm: Aydın & Aydın
  • Practice Area: Dispute Resolution
  • Country: Turkey
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Bağlarbaşı Mahallesi Şahin Sokak, Aydın Plaza No: 12, Maltepe/İstanbul.

About Ali Aydın

We carry out our activities in accordance with the ethical rules of the profession within the framework of the laws. We provide services in 81 provinces of Turkey and in international languages ​​with a total of 140 people, including 50 lawyers, 40 call center employees, 20 copyright experts and 30 different personnel in various fields of national and international law.

Commercial law
Our commercial law department provides services regarding the commercial transactions of many national and international companies. Our offered services include the establishment of companies, opening a bank account and all subsequent transactions.
Protection of Personal Rights in Social Media
With the development of social media, which has developed as of today and is actively used by large segments of societies, violations of rights and crimes committed through social media have increased. Our special team provides consultancy services specifically in this field with the aim of violating personal rights through social media, eliminating these violations, identifying those concerned, compensating for pecuniary and moral damages, and running legal and penal procedures regarding those concerned.
Real Estate Law
Our Real Estate Law Department; It provides consultancy and litigation services related to the purchase and sale transactions of immovables and the preparation of contracts. Our expert staff, especially regarding the acquisition of real estate by foreigners, provides services in different languages. Real Estate Law, mainly Administrative Law, Inheritance Law, Foundation Law, including expropriation and confiscation cases without expropriation and disputes arising from title deed cancellation cases.
International law
Our International Law Department; It provides consultancy services regarding the preparation of all contracts required for the commercial activities of our clients in the international arena and the management of the contracts during their validity.
Business law
Our Labor and Social Security Law Department; Consultancy and litigation services are provided in all matters from the beginning of the employment of the clients to the end of the employment of the employees with the human resources unit.
Intellectual Property Law
Our Intellectual and Industrial Property Law Department is responsible for real and legal persons’ trademarks, designs, patents, works, etc. provides all kinds of services related to intellectual and industrial property rights.

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