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Yoav Bein

Yoav Bein

  • Firm: Prof. BEIN & Co. - Law Office
  • Practice Area: Administrative
  • Country: Israel
  • 17 Maale Hashichrur st., Israel

About Yoav Bein

Adv.Yoav Bein,from Prof. Bein & Co. Is a senior partner & founder.
Bein manages legal strategy in complex cases.
Adv Yoav Bein ,offers representation and advice in all aspects of the administrative law, including the law of tenders, licenses ,standardization, planning and building, environmental protection,Incentive laws, tax, levies, fees, local authorities, elections, expropriations, and water law.
Bein offers services including litigation, consultancy & mediation. Bein also offers representation in relation to the criminal aspects of some of the above spheres. Bein specializes in representing companies before the different Authorities. He advises and represents public companies & various commercial entities.
Bein has unique experience in the law of tenders and has achieved great success in the area, both on tender committees and in court.
Bein provides counseling at the stage of preparing to submit a tender bid, and offers advice and representation where the need arises to protect a win or attack the win of a competitor at the tender committees and in court. This area of practice calls for special skill and ability, including the ability to prepare quickly to apply to court so as to prevent pleas of delay.
Prof. Bein & Co attorneys have unique administrative law experience and expertise. Prof. Dan Bein served as Vice President of the Haifa Court of Administrative Affairs, during which he dealt with the administrative cases in Haifa, including the vast majority of tender cases.
Yoav Bein has from 2006 specialised in the developing sphere of unforseen circumstances and wartime law.
Inter alia, Adv Yoav Bein offers representation and advice in the following spheres: Property tax and compensation fund matters along the green and red track, in consequence of the Lebanon War (2006) and the situation in the south (The south & Sderot and Gaza Belt). (2006-2018)
Bein has published many legal articles, in various spheres and lectures in various forums. He is a member of the israel Bar – Court of Administritive Affairs Committee. He is a former President of the Haifa Rotary Club (young).

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