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Nikhat Sardar Khan

About Nikhat Sardar Khan

Nikhat (FCIArb RICS) is a highly experienced legal professional, renowned for her expertise in the UAE. With over two decades of practice in the country, she has solidified her position as a prominent figure in the field. Nikhat’s impressive career trajectory began as a litigation lawyer in the esteemed Bombay High Court before establishing herself as a leading legal practitioner in the Gulf region.

With a remarkable tenure of 22 years in the UAE, Nikhat’s extensive experience and in-depth understanding of the local legal landscape make her a sought-after professional. Her expertise spans various areas of law, allowing her to provide comprehensive and strategic advice to clients. Nikhat’s commitment to excellence and her ability to navigate complex legal matters have earned her a stellar reputation in the industry, positioning her as a trusted and respected legal practitioner in the UAE.

Nikhat’s diverse skill set encompasses her role as a mediator and arbitrator, specializing in civil and commercial disputes. She has successfully served as lead counsel in arbitration cases within the realms of construction and engineering, international trade, joint ventures, and sale purchase agreements. Her proficiency is further reflected in her registration as a DIFC Practitioner Part II.

Recognized for her unwavering integrity and ethical approach to business, Nikhat is renowned for her ability to provide effective strategies for legal risk mitigation. Her expertise extends across various areas of law, including Dispute Resolution | Litigation – UAE Courts and DIFC | Corporate and Commercial: Banking and Finance, Business, Construction, Employment, Family Law, Intellectual Properties, Technology, Data Protection, Compliance and Risk Management, Real Estate and Rental Disputes, Cryptocurrency – Blockchain, and Fintech, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Media Entertainment, and Sports …

Leveraging her comprehensive understanding of these legal domains, Nikhat offers invaluable counsel and unwavering support to clients seeking efficient and successful resolution of their legal matters. Trust in Nikhat’s expertise to navigate through complex legal issues and achieve favorable outcomes.

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