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Mohammed Hamad Al-Soaib

  • Firm: Al-Soaib & Partners
  • Practice Area: Litigation
  • Country: Saudi Arabia
  • Email:
  • Al-Ummam Commercial Center, South Tower, 2nd Floor, 211-212., Al Dubbat District, Salah Al-Deen Al-Ayoubi Road, Riyadh, Box 305150, 11361.

About Mohammed Hamad Al-Soaib

The Firm

AL-SOAIB & PARTNERS LAW FIRM has achieved significant success over the years, largely due to its exceptional team of lawyers and legal counsels who have been carefully selected for their expertise, background, and special legal skillsets. The firm’s client base includes leading international, American, European, and Asian corporations, financial institutions with an interest in cross-border operations, as well as non-Saudi corporations and institutions requiring advice on a full range of legal issues related to their operations or international transactions within the Saudi jurisdiction.

AL-SOAIB & PARTNERS LAW FIRM has maintained longstanding key client relationships, and the vast majority of new clients come to the firm on existing clients’ recommendations. The firm’s success is further attributed to its personalized and effective top-quality service, which has helped clients navigate complex legal systems and ensure that their legal rights and interests are protected.

AL-SOAIB & PARTNERS today: Today, AL-SOAIB & PARTNERS LAW FIRM is a full-service law firm that offers a broad range of legal services to its clients. The firm has maintained its commitment to excellence and continues to strive to be the leading Saudi corporate and business law firm. The firm’s team of lawyers and legal counsels has developed expertise in various legal fields, including foreign investment, commercial law, banking and finance, dispute resolution, real estate, due diligence capital market, merger and acquisition, Sharia law, and more.

AL-SOAIB & PARTNERS LAW FIRM maintains close and privileged relationships with ministries, governmental agencies, chambers of commerce, and other public institutions, as well as with embassies and foreign investment and trade commissions. The firm’s history and tradition have spurred on its ambition to remain the premier firm in the Saudi market, as well as one of the top tier firms in the region.

Q&A With Mohammed Hamad Al-Soaib


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