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Luigi Mori

Luigi Mori

About Luigi Mori

Luigi Mori graduated “cum laude” in Law at LUISS University (Rome) in 1989.
He is a member of the Rome Bar Association since 1993, admitted to practise before the Higher Italian Courts since 2018.
Luigi is the partner of BLR&M in charge with Commercial Contracts and Corporate matters. In particular, he is familiar with a wide range of business contracts, from sale to lease (of real estate/business/goods), supply of goods/services, settlement, NDA, sponsorship, as well as building works contract, loan, license/management/ franchise agreements.
In addition, he has been advising on corporate matters relating to Italian companies, such as incorporation, acquisition, operation and liquidation, preparing notices of call, shareholders or board of director resolutions, powers of attorney, etc. and providing guidance on fulfilment of Companies Register requirements.
He is also familiar with health & safety at workplace, data privacy, trademarks and general compliance, as well as is an expert at drafting the relevant documents, such as codes of conduct, check-lists and models of compliance.
His clients are private individuals and legal entities, both foreign and Italian, mainly hotel operators and manufacturers, that Luigi assists in cross-border and domestic transactions, from due diligence to closing as well as in the usual business.
Luigi is a Contributing Expert for Italy to the “Rule of Law Index” annual report, edited by The World Justice Project with a view to monitor the rule of law around the world. Even though he is based in Rome, legal assistance is provided everywhere in Italy.
The Firm
BLR&M is an independent law firm active in all areas of civil law and particularly in mergers and acquisitions, all aspects of commercial and corporate law, shipping, pharmaceutical and food law, labour law and labour litigations, development and management of hotels, real estate, intellectual property.
BLR&M clients are typically multinational groups and Italian and foreign companies: hotel groups, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, ship owners and cruise operators, automobile and industrial companies. The firm developed a significant expertise in the field of merger and acquisitions, hotel business, pharmaceutical and food law, shipping law, labour law and HR reorganizations, litigation, data protection, compliance and prevention of corporate liability crimes.
The continuous training and up-to-date knowledge of the law of the firm’s professionals ensures customers updated advice and solutions at competitive fees. The Rome offices are located in the central area of the city near Via Veneto. The firm has established an extensive international network of reliable partners which guarantees the possibility to closely assist clients in different jurisdictions.
Languages: Italian, English

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