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Li Ruslan Kanxovich

  • Firm: Consilio Law Firm
  • Practice Area: Commercial
  • Country: Uzbekistan
  • Building 18/1. Business center ATRIUM, Aibek Street, Tashkent City

About Li Ruslan Kanxovich

Li Ruslan is the chief lawyer of one of the leading banks in Uzbekistan and the founder of a successful law firm known for its significant successes in the field of corporate and financial law. He has more than 15 years of experience in the legal field, during which he has supported numerous large transactions totaling millions of dollars. These transactions not only strengthened his reputation as an outstanding lawyer, but also significantly influenced the economic development of the region.

Li Ruslan is known as an outstanding specialist not only in banking law and insurance, but also in such areas as labor law, financial regulation and corporate governance. His expertise also spans the areas of investment law and financial market regulation, making him an indispensable expert for clients seeking to expand their business both locally and internationally. He is also known for his work in the areas of real estate, tax law and energy, highlighting his multifaceted approach to legal matters.

Li Ruslan values, above all, the quality of legal services and open communication with clients. He is confident that even the most complex problems must be resolved in the interests of the client, who, in turn, must appreciate the high level of legal support provided. To this end, he always strives to innovate practice and develop the professional skills of his team. Ruslan is known for his ability to surprise clients with creative approaches to solving cases and his generosity towards his team, constantly supporting and motivating each member. He prefers to move with his team rather than alone, which allows him to achieve greater results.

Own quote:
“We don’t just provide legal services – we strive to become a reliable partner for every client. There are no trifles in our work, and each case for us is an opportunity to prove that the client’s trust is immeasurably valuable and his interests always come first. Our approach is that quality and customer focus are the keys to success in any business. We value the opportunity to walk alongside our clients and team to achieve great results”.

Q&A With Li Ruslan Kanxovich


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