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Khaled Abou El Houda

Khaled Abou El Houda

  • Firm: Houda Law Firm
  • Practice Area: Oil & Gas
  • Country: Senegal
  • 66 Boulevard de la Republique, Seydou Nourou Tall building 1st Floor, BP 11 417 - Dakar.

About Khaled Abou El Houda

Houda Law Firm is a full-service and leading law firm based in Dakar (Senegal) and in Abidjan (Cote d’Ivoire). Founded in 1977, the firm has extensive experience establishing foreign companies and providing counsel, legal assistance, and litigation representation in court. The firm is under the leadership of managing partner Khaled Abou El Houda. It consists of a 31-person staff and benefits from the experience of international lawyers with senior lawyers registered at the Bars of Senegal, Cote d’Ivoire, France and the Law Society of England and Wales.
The Oil & Gas industry is emerging in Senegal. Houda Law Firm is already considered as the leading law firm in Senegal to advise the governments and NOCs (National Oil Companies), IOCs (International Oil Companies), and Independent Oil and Gas Companies on the regulatory and legal environments of the Oil & Gas sector in Senegal. The international Oil and Gas team understands the unique legal, commercial and technical aspects of the different phases from the research and exploration to the production. Houda Law Firm Oil & Gas activities cover a large spectrum of clients and go across all elements of the value chain.
The firm provides comprehensive legal advice on operation agreements, infrastructure projects, financings, restructurings, trading, competition issues, compliance issues/investigations, and disputes.
– Structuring projects in Oil & Gas in Senegal and Mauritania
Houda Law Firm has worked on various aspects from the energy infrastructure projects development to energy-based financings projects.
– Capacity Building
Houda Law Firm received a mandate from ALSF (African Legal Support Facility) and trained more than 30 civil servants from the Senegalese Ministry of Petroleum and Energies in order to strengthen their knowledge of the Oil & Gas. The capacity-building was focused on the Oil & Gas legal framework of Senegal (the Petroleum Code and the reform envisaged by the Government), the Production and Sharing Contract, the Oil & Gas companies’ taxation.
– Floating Production Storage and Off-Loading (FPSO) vessel
The firm has completed several missions such as the completion of a list of local permits and licenses required for the building of (FPSO) vessel.
– Evaluation and commercialization of hydrocarbons in Senegal
Houda Law Firm also has a clear understanding of the perspective on the economic opportunities and challenges in the sector. It has conducted an evaluation and commercialization of hydrocarbons in Senegal with legal assistance on technical agreements for the execution of petroleum operations, the financing of shares, the development programs, the commercial agreements for contracts for the sale of oil and gas products and their derivatives.
– Administrative support
The international and multidisciplinary team has provided a wide range of legal services from issuing labor law or tax law opinions to the needed support to comply with the local administration for a full spectrum of oil and gas assignments.

Q&A With Khaled Abou El Houda


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