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Kastriot Frashëri

Kastriot Frashëri

  • Firm: Frasheri Law Firm
  • Practice Area: Commercial Litigation
  • Country: Albania
  • Rruga e Dibrës, Nd. 91, H.4,, Tiranë,

About Kastriot Frashëri

The Honorable Kastriot Frashëri, since 2004 is an advocate and litigator by training with a high public profile. He has successfully defended his clients before the Tirana Court, all Courts of Appeal of Albania and Superior Court, and others governments commissions. In the day-to-day practice of his legal profession, Mr. Kastriot Frashëri distinguishes himself by the confidence and assurance he inspires to our clients, the attentiveness he gives to details, and his striving to identify our clients’ most important needs and fight for them.
He completed his studies at the Faculty of Law of the University of Tirana. He attended English Language and Culture at Derby Multicultural Center, Derby, United Kingdom. In 2004 he was awarded the title “Lawyer” by the National Chamber Advocacy of Albania. He has completed her Master’s Degree in Science (M.Sc.) at the Doctrine and Exercise Command at the “Spiro Moisiu” Defense Academy in the field of Homeland Security.
In 2020 he was awarded a certificate in “Applied Corporate and Business Law” by Metropolitan School of Business and Management, London, UK; In 2020 he was awarded a certificate in “International Law”; “Economics and International Business”; “Finance and Accounting” by International Business Management Institute, Berlin, Germany.
In 2004 he was awarded the title “Lawyer” by the National Bar Association of Albania.
He has completed his Master’s Degree in Science (M.Sc.) at the Doctrine and Exercise Command at the “Spiro Moisiu” Defense Academy in the field of Homeland Security.
He has also been invited as a lecturer and has participated in short study programs on specific issues from Trinity College, Oxford University; Kings College, London, UK; University of Toronto, Canada; University of Calgary, Canada; University of Leipzig, Germany.
He has often been invited and present in various international forums and media inside and outside Albania for various problems of Albanian society, current affairs, legal tech, the justice system and the rule of law in Albania. In his activity, he has always had and has as a compass the orientation towards the law, the path towards truth and justice.
The Honorable lawyer Kastriot Frashëri has been a member of The British-Albanian Lawyers Association, London, UK for several years.
The Honorable, Attorney at Law Kastriot Frashëri has cooperation with several well-known international firms in EU, UK, UAE, USA and other countries of the world.
Also, the Honorable Attorney at Law Kastriot Frashëri has been authorized by the Royal Court of Justice – Queen’s Bench Division to serve outside the jurisdiction of the Court Ordre (SOL – Service Outsider of Jurisdiction) in Albania.
Attorney at Law Kastriot Frashëri is a successful lawyer who has massively won all the cases he has represented.
  • 2021 – Technical Review of Employment Contracts by Metropolitan School of Business and Management, London, UK
  • 2020 – Applied Corporate and Business Law by Metropolitan School of Business and Management, London, UK
  • 2020 – International Law by International Business Management Institute, Berlin; 2020 -Economics and International Business by International Business Management Institute, Berlin;
  • 2020 – Finance and Accounting Certificate by International Business Management Institute, Berlin,
  • 2012 – MSc at Doctrine and Exercise Command at the “Spiro Moisiu” Defense Academy, Tirana, in Homeland Security,
  • 2004 – Attorney at Law by Albanian Chamber of Advocacy
  • 2004 – Faculty of Law, University of Tirana, graduate lawyer,
  • 2000 – Derby Multicultural Center, Derby, England.
Areas of Practice:
  • Business Law
  • Corporate Litigation
  • Civil and Administrative Law
  • Immigration
  • Employment
His work is contributing in several fields, such as: civil society, journalism, culture and various studies in history and jurisprudence. He is a prominent activist in civil society and human rights protection and in consolidating democratic principles of the development of society and institutions in the country. These values and this activity are reflected in over 460 articles in the Albanian press.
Mr. Frashëri has been engaged since the early days of efforts to overthrow the communist dictatorship, contributing to the foundations of political pluralism in Albania.
He is a participant in many national and international forums, activities and conferences. At the head of the Institute of National Affairs and other member forums, at home and abroad, has defended the public interest and national interests.
Mr. Frashëri has been a candidate for the People’s Advocate (Ombudsman) (2011) and (2017), as well as a candidate for Chair of the Central Election Commission (2012), and candidate for Governor of Bank of Albania (201of providing himself an admirable performance of a person with vision and outstanding leadership skills, which are also evidenced by the media.
Mr. Kastriot Frasheri has often been one of the leading actors in peaceful public movements in defense of democratic principles, the rule of law, public spaces, the environment, national security, for the resignation and dismissal of the Governor following scandals and thefts at the Bank of Albania. etc.
Professional Associations:
  • Member of the National Chamber Advocacy of Albania of Advocacy
  • Member of Tirana Chamber of Advocacy
  • Member of the British-Albanian Lawyers Association (BALA)
  • Member Board of the Luminance, London, UK
  • Member Board of the SFAI Global
  • Member of the Balkans Peace Park Project (B3P)
  • Member of the International Peace Research Association (IPRA)
  • Member of the Albanian Writers and Artists Association
  • Member of the British – Albanian Community, London
  • Member of the Canadian – Albanian Community, Toronto
He is the author, co-author, editor and reviewer of several books. He is author and has published the following books:
  • “Crazy Republic” – Philosophical Reflections, MediaPrint, Tirana, 2011.
  • “Canada”, INA, Tirana 2008
  • “Mary Edith Durham – A Great Lady for Albania”, Geer, Tirana 2004,
  • “The National Interest”, Albanian Political Science Quarterly, Editor
Professional & Intellectual Activity:
He is an expert in preparing many reports: Special Report on the Judicial Power and Justice System, National Security, Elections, Media and Civil Society in Albania.
He has participated in many national and international conferences and symposiums, inside and outside the country, in various fields such as: culture, history, justice, free elections, human rights, peace, conflict resolution, international relations, public administration etc.
Honors & Awards:
  • Honor in Leadership by Arbëresh Community in Calabria, Italy,
  • Honor in Leadership by Albanian Community in Turkey.
Frashëri Law Firm – History and Overview
Frashëri Law Firm leads a legal team with national and international reputation. Since 2004, Albanian citizens, foreign nationals, several Albanian non-profit organizations & VIP business companies and government officials have relied on the firm’s legal services. Our firm has a culture of excellence and lawyers take pride in the quality of their legal and practice work. Ensuring the rights of their clients while maintaining the integrity of the Albanian legal system is what our firm’s lawyers strive to achieve every day.
Our firm’s legal team offers services in several foreign languages and reflects the importance we place on detail in providing legal services. Our team offers personalized service tailored to our clients’ needs and guarantees complete confidentiality. Transparency, respect, high moral and professional integrity and punctuality are all part of our culture that make the difference.
The Frasheri Law Firm was created as a revolutionary model for the Albanian market; to serve as a one-stop office, with multiple services under one roof, for easy company incorporation and enhanced business support services that entrepreneurs and SMEs require, and for services in other law practices.
Also, the Frasheri Law Firm now offers an even wider range of business formations or Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Golden Visa Services (Albania Version) as Special Citizenship Programs), for Resident & Work Permit & Visa Services, as well as for those looking to get permanent offices in Tirana and actively trade on land, for free. Free Zone & Offshore company setup options along with banking, B2B, legal assistance and PRO services.
The Frasheri Law Firm exercises its judicial practice in a variety of legal matters such as in the field of Immigration Law, Family Law, Business Law, Corporate Law, Civil and Administrative Law, Labor Law, Public Procurement Law, Business Formation, etc.
We at Frasheri Law Firm offer you the best specialist advice and solutions through our experienced professionals who have in-depth knowledge of the current market and have successfully met the client’s business establishment requirements with ease. We work closely with our clients and partners throughout the business establishment and registration process, acting as a solution partner for all additional services you may need immediately or in the future. Frasheri Law Firm’s expertise has led to the highest renewal rate and a surprisingly better referral frequency. Frasheri Law Firm is being evaluated every day for its profile and services by internationals as one of the best law firms in Albania.
The Frasheri Law Firm makes the process of setting up a business in Albania extremely simple in an efficient and cost-effective way. This gives our clients time to focus on organizing their business, rather than the legalities of their business. At Frasheri Law Firm we regularly deal with all business, civil, administrative, labor relations and immigration matters per month, so we get the process done faster with accuracy.
The Frasheri Law Firm, with its professional services offered in domestic and international law, has more and more attracted the attention of interested parties inside and outside Albania as a reliable partner you can rely on for its expertise. Frashëri Law Firm is part of SFAI GLOBAL, an international network of legal professionals with more than 14,000 people in 115 countries, offering professional services in the field of tax law, audit and accounting with ISA and IAASB standards.
The Frashëri Law Firm, is the first and only law office in Albania that offers services through Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the handling of client documentation. Thanks to the exclusive ownership of the Artificial Intelligence Platform in the Legal Profession from Luminance, UK, its clients save 85% of the operational time you would need available and you will save up to 80% of financial costs in money.
With stand the qualifications, experience and professional experience so far, Frashëri Law Firm has been appreciated by several prestigious international institutions which have trusted them to represent them in Albania, thus offering their exclusivity.
Languages: Albanian, English, Italian.

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