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Juli de Miquel

Juli de Miquel

  • Firm: Arasa & de Miquel Advocats
  • Practice Area: Mercantile & Company
  • Country: Spain
  • Avda. de Pedralbes, 38, Barcelona, Spain, 08034.

About Juli de Miquel

Born in Barcelona, 13 August 1941.# # Training: University of Barcelona. Graduated in Law in 1963. Treasurer of the Lawyers Society in Barcelona during the period (1985-1989). President of the Lawyers Cooperative (1989-1993). Member of.the Commissión of Deontology for the Lawyers Society in Barcelona (1991-1993). Presently adviser of the lawyers’ Catalonian Bank (Caja de Abogados de Catalunya), member of Governing Council (Consell Rector) of Lawyers Insurance in Catalonia and member of “WORDLINK FOR LAW”. Teacher of Company Law at the Faculty of Law in ASADE (University Ramón Llull).# # Professional Areas : Mercantile Law and Company Law and Civil liability.# # Languages: Spanish, Catalan, English and French.

Arasa & de Miquel Advocats is a professional society comprised of five partners, associates and partners. The law firm addresses mainly small and middle size companies, professionals, sole traders and private clients, who can make use of an integral judicial service, maintaining, at all times, a direct lawyer client relationship.

Its operation began under its present name at the begining of 1970, when its founders Mr. Josep Arasa Señal, whose professional practice began in 1952, and Mr. Juli de Miquel Berenguer formed a partnership, having already collaborated with each other since 1965.
The law firm collaborates and corresponds with different law firms as much in Spain as in the rest of the World.
In 1976 the law firm expanded by moving from its inicial headquarters in Avenida Diagonal 359-A, to the present one in Av. Pedralbes 38. In 1991 the law firm expanded again incorporating a greater number of partners, associates and collaborators, and taking over a new floor in the same building of Av. Pedralbes 38.
The law firm collaborates and corresponds with different law firms as much in Spain as in the rest of the world, mainly through the international Association of lawyers called WORLDLINK FOR LAW, which groups together more than 50 law firms from Europe, America, Australia and Asia, and has branches in Madrid and Buenos Aires.
The association WORLDLINK allows us to give advise to its clients practically all over the world with the collaboration of professional firms in the place where the problem arises. And, in the same way allows us to offer to their clients a painstakingly professional service in Spain.
It bases its services on the excellent methods of its teams, always looking for the highest professional quality and the constant training to fulfil, in each undertaking, its client’s expectations.

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