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Gemma Hawkins

Gemma Hawkins

  • Firm: Hawkins Research Ltd
  • Practice Area: Qualitative Market Research
  • Country: England, United Kingdom
  • United Kingdom

About Gemma Hawkins

Gemma Hawkins founded Hawkins Research Ltd in 2017 with the mission of providing inhouse respondent recruitment to take part in market research studies in the form of one-to-one interviews, focus groups, online surveys, and telephone/web assisted interviews. Using its trustworthy and reliable database, the company has a number of different potential respondents available including medical professionals and patients, as well as consumers, B2B, and B2C.
As a bona-fide growing company, building on experience and passionate about what it does Hawkins Research offers its clients a professional, cost-effective concept to solution, working hard to keep them in the loop throughout the process of recruitment. Recognising that the right respondents are essential for each project, the company utilises a bank of qualified resources to recruit speedily and effectively while always maintaining attention to detail and top-notch communication.
Clients can be assured that Hawkins Research will always be honest and truthful especially when a scenario arises signalling that there could be a failure of a project; giving cost effective solutions to enable successful completion of any such project. Its great reviews and the long-term clients with whom Gemma has close ties, enables word of mouth to be generally enough to bring new clients onboard.
The aim of Hawkins Research is to enable the public to voice their views with the mission of helping change which underpins its success but there have been challenges to this. Online scamming increased during the Covid-19 pandemic, as more people found it difficult to afford to live, such that new respondents were sceptical believing they were being scammed and that the research was not genuine.
In response and wishing to create a relationship of trust, the company has increased the time they spend talking with respondents assuring them that it is only their views that are being asked for and absolutely nothing else which applies both in the field of health and consumer research so, alongside building trust with their patients and consumers, the company is seeking to add to its database the number and diversity of respondents who are able and willing to give their feedback to companies with the ultimate goal of improving their lives on healthrelated issues and products bought on a daily basis.
Community is important to Gemma such that Hawkins Research makes donations to the NHS and various charities for every medical project undertaken by her company and she also supported a local community by sponsoring an Under-9s local football club. Gemma is proud to say that her company has recently worked on a major project for Blood Cancer UK where, with the help of patients and Hawkins Research, the Charity has now created a patient information booklet for those newly diagnosed. The booklet was named one of British Medical Association’s Top 5 Health Resources of 2022.

Q&A With Gemma Hawkins


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