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Elisa Teti

Elisa Teti

  • Firm: Rucellai & Raffaelli
  • Practice Area: Competition
  • Country: Italy
  • Via Monte Napoleone, 18, Milan, 20121.

About Elisa Teti

Elisa Teti is Partner Rucellai & Raffaelli Law Firm, joined in 1999
Practice areas:
She achieved significant legal know-how in Competition law providing complete assistance to clients, covering both proceedings before the competent Administrative and Judicial Authorities, as well as customized legal advice. Her assistance is offered to a multitude of different clients, at national and international level. Her expertise in the antitrust field focuses on the following activities: general assistance in antitrust proceedings before the Italian Antitrust Authority and the European Commission (cartel / abuse of dominant position investigations), including appeal proceedings before the competent judicial bodies; consultation and tendering of legal advice on the self-assessment of transactions, practices and agreements under the EU’s modernization package and the applicable EU Block Exemption regulations; general assistance on concentrations between undertakings (mergers, acquisition of control and joint ventures); organization of customized antitrust compliance programs and special education trainng sessions, including mock dawn raids and antitrust auditing for companies and trade associations; assistance in sector inquiries; assistance in private antitrust actions; legal opinions on the interpretation and enforcement of EU antitrust law, also concerning several regulated sectors (inter alia pharmaceutical, chemical, steel, elevators sector, alarm systems, insurances, distribution, mass-retail and superstore).
She acts in litigation, advising and representing major companies both at a national (proceedings before the Italian Antitrust Authority and Administrative and Civil Courts) and EU level (proceedings before the European Commission and European Courts) in relation to the areas of her expertise. She is member of the committee of AAI – Italian Antitrust Association. She has also wide expertise in the consumer protection field, involving several different economic sectors and concerning unfair commercial practices, misleading advertising, unfair contract terms, abusive clause, ecommerce, geo-blocking, defective damages, in all the sectors, also regulated (ie cosmetics, IVD, food and moca), providing assistance to different clients, including leading multinationals, well-established national companies as well as trade associations and small-medium enterprises, at European and national level.
She is frequent speaker at national and international conferences and seminars on competition law and consumer protection.
  • Conference Associazione Antitrust Italiana “I principali sviluppi nel Diritto della concorrenza dell’Unione Europea e nazionale”, 21/22 October 2021;
  • Seminar ANIMA – Confindustria “marcatura UKCA”, 2021;
  • Seminar Federchimica “La normativa a tutela della concorrenza” – 13 July 2021;
  • Seminar ANIMA – Confindustria “La normativa antitrust e le associazioni” – 17 July 2021;
  • Seminar ANIMA – Confindustria e ICE “Moca regulatory issues and responsibilities of the undertakings” – July 2020;
  • Webinar ANIMA – Confindustria “Covid-19 and antitrust issues” in “Covid-19 indication for undertakings” – March 2020;
  • Webinar ANIMA – Confindustria “Covid-19 and contractual issues” – April 2020;
  • Webinar UTILITALIA “Covid-19 and contractual impact: practical issues and solutions” – May 2020;
  • Seminar, “Advertising issues in the digital market”, R&R – December 2020
  • Seminar Associazione Antitrust Italiana – “Consumer protection and regulation after the SIM judgment” – February 2020;
  • Conference Associazione Italiana Antitrust – “Italian Antitrust Authority annual report: a discussion” – November 2019.
  • Seminar S. Casa & C. – “Bank guarantee – issues and solutions”, focus on antitrust perspective, Milan University November 2019;
  • Conference “Antitrust e PMI” Organized by Assoindustria Veneto Centro with Italian Antitrust Authority, October 2019;
  • Conference “Current antitrust issues in the Utility sector” Organized by Utilitalia with Italian Antitrust Authority, October 2018.
  • Conference “Antitrust, originator drugs and biosimilar”, Palazzo dei Giureconsulti, 2017.
  • Conference UAE – Romania June 2016 “The Leniency and Settlement programs”;
  • Global practitioners workshop 2017 – Fordham Competition Law Institute New York, USA “Protectionism and National Interest in Merger Enforcement” e “Patent Licensing in a Multijurisdictional Environment”;
  • Treviso Antitrust Conference “Antitrust between EU Law and national Law” – XII May 2016 – “Selfassessment for undertakings after the recent trends of the Italian Antitrust Authority: which future?”.
Recent publications
She is author of several publications on antitrust matters.
  • “Antitrust Compliance Program in the first application of the Italian Antitrust Authority”, in XVI “Antitrust between EU Law and National Law”, Bruylant – Giuffrè, Bruxelles-Milan, 2021;
  • “Competition Law Analysis of Price and Non-price Discrimination”, Italy, LIDC, Springer, 2021;
  • “Pharmaceutical sector & covid-19: the Italian measures to face the health emergency situation and the cooperation among competitors” in e-Competitions Special Issue: Pharma & Covid-19 an overview of EU and national case law, Concurrences, 2020;
  • “Global Practice Guides – Merger Control”, Italy, in Chambers & Partners, 2019;
  • “Getting the Deal Through – Dominance”, Italy, Law Business Research, Ltd, 2019;
  • “The publication of the Italian Antitrust Authority’s Guidelines on Antitrust Compliance Contents and benefits” – Competition Law International, 2019; Italy, in “Getting the Deal Through – Competition Compliance”, Law Business Research Ltd, 2018;
  • “Cartels 2017 Enforcement, Appeals & Damages Actions”, Italy, in Global Legal Insights, Global Legal Group, V, 2017;
  • “Antitrust in Pharmaceutical Markets”, Italy, in “Antitrust in Pharmaceutical Markets & Geographical Rules of Origin”, LIDC, Pierre Kobel, Pranvera Kellezi, Bruce Kilpatrick, Springer, 2017;
  • “Self-assessment for undertakings after the recent trends of the Italian Antitrust Authority: which future?” in XII “Antitrust between EU Law and National Law”, Bruylant – Giuffrè, Bruxelles-Milan, 2017;
  • “The Leniency and Settlement programmes” in XXX Conference UAE, Alba Julia, June 2016;
  • “Co-marketing and Co-promotion Agreements” in “Competition and Patent Law in the Pharmaceutical Sector: An International Perspective”, Giovanni Pitruzzella e Gabriella Muscolo, Kluwer Law International B.V., 2016;
  • “Cartels”, Contribute in Chambers – Legal Practice Guides, Italy, J.W. Cooper e L. Gyselen, Arnold & Porter LLP, 2015;
  • “Merger Control – Jurisdictional Comparisons” (J.F. Bellis, Porter Elliott, Van Bael & Bellis), da Sweet & Maxwell, London, ed. 2011, 2014, 2016, 2017.
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  • French

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