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Dhaidan Al Ajmi

Dhaidan Al Ajmi

  • Firm: Dhaidan Al Ajmi Law Firm
  • Practice Area: Labour and Employment
  • Country: Kuwait
  • 2nd Building/Abdul Karim Al Khtabi st., Salmiya/Hawaliy, Kuwait, 2001.

About Dhaidan Al Ajmi


Dhaidan Al Ajmi law firm, one of the Kuwaiti Law Firms established
by Lawyer Dhaidan Al Ajmi, who was a Lawyer before the court of Cassation and
Constitutional Court. Dhaidan Al Ajmi Law Firm provides unique and high-quality
legal services in the state of Kuwait and globally depending on the broad mentality
of Law in response to globalization and its social and economic aspects; we
adopt the methodology of multi-national Law experts with specialized
consultants in different fields of Law. Our Law Firm built a team of the most
experienced and expert attorneys on an international scale with educated and
skilled staff.


Our mission is to provide premium excellence full legal services
with value-added integrity, confidentiality, credibility, and professionalism
assistance combined with an in-depth understanding of our client’s objectives
and genuine interests to meet or exceed their expectations through our
commitment to ensuring the satisfaction of our Clients. Handling complex and
sophisticated matters locally, nationally, and internationally by being
accessible, efficient, and responsive.
Our commitment to our Clients provides extensive and worthy service with
our experience and in-depth knowledge; we serve to address all of our client’s
needs, assisting corporations and individuals at a local or international level
on the legal issues involving them. Our Commitment to ourselves sustaining an
enriching environment through diversity and teamwork striving to improve while
celebrating our accomplishments and assuring career opportunities by sustaining
growth and financial strength. We stand up for our clients’ causes, undertaking
for the best results, day by day.


We have various experiences in providing legal services on all
matters. We are specialized
  in Labor
& Employment Law, Civil, Commercial, Corporate, notarizing &
authentication, Real Estate & construction, Intellectual Property Law
particularly Registration Trademark,

Renewal Trademark and Protection of Trademark and patents in Kuwait and
GCC, Banking & Finance, Insurance, Debit Collections, International
Arbitration & Conciliation matters,

International Trade & Customs, International Marine Disputes among

Dhaidan Al Ajmi Law Firm active with different industries such as;
Authorities, Ministries, Departments, the governmental and non-governmental
establishments, Companies and all types of individuals. Our legal services from
various kinds and degrees through the provision of legal assistance, legal
opinions, advice, reviewing compliance with international and local laws and
regulations; represent and defend the rights and legal interests of our Client
must be legally protected. We will attempt to anticipate the legal issues that
arise in the future and solve when they have the current legal problem. The
needs of our legal aid service, more importantly is to anticipate problems that
potentially can arise in the future, regarding the consideration of the
resolution of the legal issues that take time, energy and big cost. Making
negotiations, agreements and any arising rights may be accrue to the foreign
principal companies in the state of Kuwait, to protect the rights of those
companies while they are managing business in the Country. Our Firm have
distinctive position in the field of the international case and lawsuits where
the services that provides to the foreign companies.

Due to existing of lots of
international companies, working in the state of Kuwait in various industries
what may arise out of legal relationships with similar Kuwaiti companies or
individuals. Therefore, our law firm have local & international department
to manage the international law which provides services in many fields for the
local and international establishments companies in order to represent them in
the Kuwait market and the office ensure to the local companies to implement
their transactions in abroad without any legal difficulties. It is assist for
the foreign compan
ies in order to comply with the applicable laws, provisions
and regulations applied in the State of Gulf Countries in general and in Kuwait.

Our Firm’s best competitive advantage over law firm is the best
experience of client service in:

  • ·
    Good approach of clients; which is obvious
    and highly appreciated by all
  • ·
    Expert Lawyer;
  • ·
    Profound experience;
  • ·
    Fast support;
  • ·
    Trusted advisors “Strictly Confidential

 We certified by different
embassies located in Kuwait, such as:

  • ·
    The USA embassy
  • ·
    The UK embassy
  • ·
    New Zealand embassy
  • ·
    Canadian embassy
  • ·
    Ireland embassy

In addition, collaborate with a
number of embassies outside Kuwait for legal services for both, companies and


Kuwait Lawyer Association

Member of International Bar Association

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