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Cherry Chunfei GUO

Cherry Chunfei GUO

  • Firm: Tiantai Law Firm
  • Practice Area: Entertainment
  • Country: China
  • F6/A,North Star Huibin Plaza,, No.8 Beichen East Road, ChaoYang District, Beijing, 100101.

About Cherry Chunfei GUO

Mrs. Guo has practiced in leading law firms in China for more than 20 years, and had also served as legal counsel of the international federation of phonographic industry (IFPI) for 6 years before practicing law.
Guo specializes in entertainment laws. Benefit from the accumulation of long-term industry work experience, she is one of the top entertainment lawyers in China, especially in music industry. She is familiar with the music industry practice at home and abroad. Her clients are involved in the whole industry of music creation, recording production, copyright operation, collective management, publishing and distribution, new media transmission, artist agency, advertising and endorsement, commercial performance and so on.
Mrs. Guo has rich experiences in intellectual property litigation and is especially good at handling complicated internet related copyright disputes, antitrust and competition disputes. She has represented thousands of IP cases in courts around the country. Some of them were selected as the top 10 most influential IP cases in China by courts every year. For example, one of her latest cases regarding unfair competition was simultaneously selected by the Supreme People’s Court as 2019 China’s 50 Typical IP Cases, the 2019 Beijing Court’s Top Ten IP Judicial Protection Cases, the 2019 China Top Ten Entertainment Law Cases and the Top Ten influence cases in the field of Chinese culture and media in 2019. She also represented China’s first anti-monopoly case involving copyright collective management organization between a KTV operator and the China Audio-visual Copyright Association (CAVCA) in 2017 to 2018.
Mrs. Guo also provides counsel service to clients on intellectual property issues, such as providing legal opinions, drafting and reviewing legal documents, etc.
The clients which Mrs. Guo represents come from a wide range of industry sectors such as music, education,literature, film, animation, photography, art, computer software, etc.
Mrs. Guo has been ranked as the Most Outstanding IP Lawyers 2021 by APAC Legal Awards;“the A-List 2020” China’s Elite 100 Lawyers 2020 & 2021 by China Business Law Journal, Asia IP Experts 2020 & 2021 China by the Apex Asia Media Group, 2019 ALB China Top 15 Intellectual Property Lawyers, and 2019 “China Top 50 Intellectual Property Lawyers” by Zhichanli/IP Daily.
Mrs. Guo is a part-time tutor of the Law School of Civil and Economic Law of China University of Politics and Law,as well as a senior trainer in Dianjing Internet Lawyer Institute.
She is also the Director of Music Industry Legal Committee, Beijing Culture and Entertainment Law Society.
  • Mrs. Guo received an LL.B. degree from the China University of Political Science and Law in 1991.
  • She received an LL.M. degree in International Economic Law from Warwick University in UK in 2000.
  • Member of the PRC Bar
Some Cases in High Profile
  • 2004 Beijing Higher People’s Court’s Top 10 Most Effective IP lawsuits in China- No. 2 & No. 5;
  • 2006 Beijing Higher People’s Court’s Top 10 Most Influential IP cases in China-No.6;
  • 2015 Jiangsu Higher People’s Court’s Top 10 IP cases-the 1st “illegal activity on collective management of copyright”;
  • 2016 the Supreme People’s Court’s Top 10 Most Influential IP cases in China-No. 8;
  • 2018 Yunnan Higher People’s Court’s Top 10 IP cases-the 1st anti-monopoly law dispute regarding copyright collecting society in China.
  • 2019 the Supreme People’s Court “the 50 typical IP cases in Chinese courts”-No.30; It is also selected by Beijing Higher People’s Court as the 2019 Top 10 IP cases in China-No.4;
  • 2019 Shanxi Higher People’s Court the Most Typical IP cases-the Qin Empire Copyright Dispute.
Speaking Engagement and Publications
Mrs. Guo frequently writes and publishes articles on the development of Chinese law and speaks at international conferences on subjects related to music industry in China.
Some speaking includes:
  • As a speaker at the New Media Seminar at the 2nd China International Audio and Visual Fair held by the Ministry of Culture and the Guangdong Provincial Government (Guangzhou) on November 2005.
  • As a panel member in a seminar in the 2nd Dongdong Music Festival in 2014.
  • As a panel member in Midem Music Festival held on June, 2017 in France.
  • As a speaker in the forum“Behind the Streams-State of Chinese Music Publishing” in All That Matters Online 2020.
Some articles includes:
  • Legal Issues Arising from Hyperlinks, Electric Intellectual Property, No.4, 2001.
  • New Problems Caused by Statutory License of Recordings in the Digital Age, Electric Intellectual Property No.5, 2008.
  • How Can Karaoke Industry Stays “OK” in a “litigation explosion” Era, Sept. 7th 2018.
  • A Brief Discussion on the Influence of Copyright Law Revised in 2020 on Music Industry in China,  Nov. 18th 2020.
  • Discussion on the rights and exercises of music joint works from the prospective of new Copyright Law-concurrently discussing the series disputes of the “Song of Five Rings”.

Q&A With Cherry Chunfei GUO


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