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Jacy Whittaker Re-elected as Vice President of the Bahamas Bar Association: A Commitment to Collective Wisdom and Progress

posted 9 months ago

The Bahamas Bar Association, the leading professional association for attorneys in the Bahamas is delighted to confirm the re-election of Jacy Whittaker as its Vice President after a contested election. Whittaker, an esteemed member of the legal community, has balanced this role with his responsibilities at ParrisWhittaker since 2020. The Association is grateful for Whittaker securing his seat among other contested roles, reinforcing the members’ trust and support.

Jacy Whittaker expressed his gratitude, stating, “I am deeply honored by the trust and support of the members of the Bar Association. Working together with the great people at the Bar Association has been incredibly rewarding, and I am thankful for the opportunity to continue participating in the work we are doing for the legal profession as a whole.”

Whittaker’s campaign message before the election encapsulated his dedication and vision for the Association. He shared his reflections on past accomplishments and challenges, highlighting the significant strides made in elevating the association’s standing both domestically and globally. He proudly mentioned the successful partnership with LexisNexis, leading to the reprint of the Caribbean Civil Court Practice 2nd Edition, a testament to the Association’s commitment to professional development and education. This collaboration, a product of collective efforts, significantly expanded access to learning resources, enriching the professional knowledge base, and fostering growth within the Association.

However, he also acknowledged ongoing challenges, including critical issues like the Legal Professions Act and its amendments, the implementation of the Civil Procedure Rules, and addressing the backlog of matters with the Ethics and Disciplinary Committee. These matters require immediate attention and collective wisdom to ensure a fair and effective legal system.

In his campaign message, Whittaker had noted the importance of collective wisdom and participation of all members. He humbly asked for continued support to push the association’s boundaries and create more opportunities for progress, emphasizing open and honest dialogue. “Thank you for your time, your commitment, and your trust. Let’s continue to work together for the betterment of our esteemed association,” he concluded.

With this re-election, Whittaker reiterates his commitment to addressing these challenges and furthering the shared mission of the Bahamas Bar Association and its members.

About the Bahamas Bar Association

Founded in 1971, the Bahamas Bar Association has grown to be the largest professional association in the Caribbean nation, with nearly a thousand members. Its mission is to safeguard the rule of law and the administration of justice in the Bahamas by promoting and preserving the legal profession and providing regulatory supervision.

The Bar Association comprises several components, including the Ethics Committee and Disciplinary Tribunal, appointed by the governing Bar Council. This Council also oversees the Association’s compliance with the Legal Profession Act. The Ethics Committee reviews complaints against lawyers, while the Bar’s Administration Office handles day-to-day operations and supports both attorneys and the public.

Only Bahamian citizen attorneys are eligible for membership in the Bahamas Bar Association. However, there are exceptions, allowing attorneys from various other countries to become registered associates or be specially admitted for specific matters.

About ParrisWhittaker

ParrisWhittaker, headquartered in the Bahamas, is a boutique law firm serving international and regional businesses needing a trusted local hand and 24/7 client-focused attention to navigate Bahamian laws and regulations. With over 70 years of legal experience, ParrisWhittaker is proficient in commercial, trust, maritime, and shipping litigation. Its clients include local enterprises and multinational firms such as Time Warner, Warner Bros., Viacom, Amazon, Live Nation, FIFA, and Luxottica.

With additional offices in Turks and Caicos, Amsterdam, Cyprus, the Cayman Islands, and Jamaica, ParrisWhittaker remains progressive yet accessible while focusing on global growth. For more information, visit www.parriswhittaker.com.


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